RIMOWA x Chaos puts dripping paint graphics on your beloved luggage

RIMOWA’s debut collaboration with London-based luxury brand Chaos, sees a limited line of suitcases and travel accessories that are bold and playful.

RIMOWA’s signature glossy polycarbonate Essential Cabin is splashed with the graphic of dripping paint in two colourways: Saffron Yellow and White, and Cactus Green and Black. The luggage is accompanied by a co-branded leather luggage tag embossed with a globe, complimentary stickers, and matching hardware (the handle, zipper, badge and wheel housing).

The collection also includes a series of Italian-made accessories, including a luggage harness that’s crafted from high quality satin nylon. This harness has pockets and compartments that can fit a water bottle and laptop, and is secured to the suitcase using an anti-slip strap. Taking cues from Chaos’ design style, the harness features slogan straps and loose pockets that reference the athleisure look of a bomber jacket.

There are also smaller accessories like leather luggage tags emblazoned with city names, and humorous luggage charms crafted from leather and chenille that include a fried egg, green apple, and a “chill pill”. Here’s everything.

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The Rimowa x Chaos collection is available globally at rimowa stores from June 3, 2021.
RIMOWA x Chaos Essential Cabin: $1,320
Charms: $260
Harness: $690
City Luggage Tag: $170
Chaos Stickers: $10