This K-Beauty Brand Debuts In Singapore With A Trusted Regime For Brighter Skin

It seems like brightening skincare may have had a bad rep, so we’re here to clear that misunderstanding once and for all. You see, “brightening” skincare is entirely different from “whitening” skincare, the key difference being that brightening products do not lighten your skin tone, which is obviously frowned upon because we want to embrace our natural skin colour. The beauty community has, thankfully, moved past our desire for fair skin and is instead all for celebrating the entire spectrum of fair to dark skin.

Instead, brightening skincare has more to do with glowing, radiant skin. To achieve this, serums, boosters, and creams look at reducing dullness and unevenness on the skin surface. Brightening skincare then involves a healthy skin regime where skin is gently exfoliated, cell renewal is encouraged, while blemishes and pigmentation are reduced — all for clear, even skin! It is precisely this regime that k-beauty brand, GTNC, is known for.

Available for the first time in Singapore, GTNC first launched in South Korea with a brightening line of skincare products that gathered buzz for their effectiveness, and with particular consideration to common skincare woes faced by modern women.

They’re lauded for providing a no-nonsense regime for time-starved individuals, those juggling a busy schedule and multiple commitments, but who still desire a clean, healthy skin. One way this is done is via the effectiveness of their products — on top of well-researched ingredients and proprietary technology, these are also designed to sync with the skin turnover cycle of 28 days, so we’re able to feel the benefits in that short window of time.

The GTNC Limited Edition Brightening Set.

Despite the high and fast efficacy of their products, the brand is also an advocate for safe, high-grade ingredients. Whether it’s Vitamin C or natural plant extracts, these active ingredients are strictly tested on a regular basis, so that do not cause skin irritation or harm to the body.

Here’s a look at the four key products in their bestselling brightening range, and why they work.

1. Vitamin C Snow Powder Essence

Vitamin C Snow Powder Essence, $180 (5g x 4 bottles)

The star product in GTNC’s lineup has to be the Vitamin C Snow Powder Essence. Essentially, this contains Ascorbyl Glucoside, a stable form of Vitamin C, which brightens dull skin tones, clear blemishes, and helps improve wrinkles. In addition to this, anti-ageing actives such as Collagen, Sea Fennel, and Mallotus Japonicus Bark Extract provide anti-ageing properties for firm, bouncy skin.

What’s unique about the formula though is its form — the essence comes in a powder form, which then turns into a liquid once it comes into contact with your skin. A smart “liquid to powder capsulation technology” ensures that the freshness and stability of the Vitamin C is kept intact all the way until you’re ready to apply the essence, thus maximising its effectiveness.

The essence comes in a unique powder form that transform into an invisible liquid when applied onto the skin.

Each set comes with 4 bottles, where each bottle is meant to be used within a week. Using this consistently for a month will reap the best results, especially since they’re designed to work in sync with our skin’s renewal cycle. Pro tip here: you can even use the essence as spot treatment, simply by layering it over blemishes to relieve them overnight. It’s also best to apply a generous dose of sunscreen if you’re using this in the day.

2. Pure Peeling Gel


Pure Peeling Gel, $30 (100ml)

A good skincare regime involves regularly exfoliating our skin in order to remove dead skin cells and deep-set blackheads and whiteheads for brighter, smoother skin — which is where GTNC’s Pure Peeling Gel comes in. This is a deep cleansing gel that does its job without irritating the skin.

A proprietary Ion Attraction Technology uses positive ions in the gentle gel formula to selectively draw out negatively-charged dead skin cells and other impurities for a successful skin detox that leads to clear skin tone and a smooth skin texture. It also contains Glutathione and the patented Forsynthia Suspensa Fruit Extract, which help in skin brightening; and Linoleic Acid, an essential fatty acid which does not irritate the skin even during exfoliation.

Note the gel texture of the gentle exfoliating formula.

3. Vitamin C Brightening Booster Ampoule

Vitamin C Brightening Booster Ampoule, $280 (8.8ml x 4 shots)

If you’d like to further boost your brightening regime, these would come in handy. Booster ampoules usually contain concentrated amounts of key ingredients that can be used on their own. Here, the Vitamin C Brightening Booster Ampoule contains a highly concentrated amount of Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid, as well as Glutathione and their patented natural brightening ingredient, the Forsythia Suspensa Fruit Extract. These work in synergy to prevent pigmentation and melanin formation, while other active ingredients provide strong antioxidant effects for healthy skin.

Advanced packaging also ensures that the brightening ingredients are held separately in a ‘secret room’ within the bottle, to maintain the freshness of the Vitamin C before use. To activate these ingredients, rotate the bottom of the bottle and mix the ingredients together by shaking it about 3 – 4 times, before applying it all over your face, avoiding the eye area.

To activate the ampoule, rotate the bottom of the bottle and mix the ingredients together by shaking it about 3 – 4 times.

4. Aloe Daily Suncream

Aloe Daily Suncream, $18 (50ml)

You’ve probably heard some form of this — the most ideal skincare regime shouldn’t just fix your current woes, it should prevent future ones. Which is why sunscreen is probably one of the most important skincare products we ought to be using religiously. To complement many of the high in Vitamin C products that are part of GTNC’s brightening regime, the Aloe Daily Suncream is therefore a necessity.

It has a high sunscreen index of SPF50+/PA+++ that provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, while containing 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid, along with Aloe Leaf Extract to provide moisture and calm skin that’s been exposed to harsh sun rays. The best part here is that the affordable formula also pays attention to the texture of the product — this one’s a light and non-sticky when applied, which allows the skin to feel extra refreshed.

The Aloe Daily Sunscreen feels light and non-sticky on the skin, and becomes colourless when blended into the skin.


Exclusive: GTNC’s Limited Edition Brightening Set

Limited Edition Brightening Set.
For those looking to try the GTNC brightening regime before committing to the full range, they’re also offering a Limited Edition Brightening Set, of their bestsellers in an exclusive box. It’s pretty worth it, if you ask us, since this set costs the same as a full set of the Vitamin C Snow Powder Essence!
The set includes:
    • Vitamin C Snow Powder Essence (5gx4ea)
    • Vitamin C Brightening Booster Ampoule (8.8mlx2ea)
    • Pure Peeling Gel (100mlx1ea)
    • Aloe Daily Suncream (50mlx1ea)


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