Top Picks From Paula’s Choice To Look Out For During Shopee’s Beauty Bonanza

If you’re savvy about beauty, Paula’s Choice should be a familiar brand to you. As a cult Internet sensation, they’re lauded for safe, effective, and research-backed skincare formulas, especially loved among those with very sensitive skin. In a world of often confusing buzzwords, Paula’s Choice has been true about their transparency since day one — they remain honest about the active ingredients that go into each of their cult products while prioritising their potency, and avoid ingredients that irritate the skin.

What’s even better? This May, you get to snag these coveted products at discounted prices! As part of Shopee’s Beauty Bonanza, their BIGGEST Beauty Sale of the Year happening from 12 to 16 May, you’ll get to shop beauty products directly from brands and authorised sellers at cheaper-than-retail prices.

Here are the promotions over at Paula Choice’s Official Store on Shopee Mall:

    • 12 and 16 May: Up to 10% off storewide
    • 13 – 15 May: Up to 5% off storewide

If you’re interested to try a range of products before committing to the full-sized versions, Paula’s Choice is also offering limited edition sets at special prices. Read on to find out which of the bestselling items and deals you should absolutely snag!


These colourful little tubes from Paula’s Choice have gained quite a reputation for how effective they are at targeting specific skincare concerns — and that’s the whole point of boosters, really. They contain concentrated amounts of key pivotal ingredients, and you can use them on their own or mixed into your moisturiser to see improved skin.

Of the series, the C 15 Super Booster and Peptide Booster have been the most talked-about; the former contains 15% pure vitamin C to brighten uneven skin and tackle wrinkles and fine lines, while the latter is an anti-ageing formula of eight powerful peptides that makes skin more resilient and reduces the appearance of lines. Speaking of healthy skin, the Omega+ Complex Serum further aids this with Omega fatty acids that strengthen the skin’s surface with essential nutrients.


If your current skincare routine isn’t doing much for you, or worse, giving you irritated and sensitised skin, consider switching to Paula’s Choice range of skin-safe products. You’ll always want to start with a good cleanser, so the Resist Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser is a fine place to start. Incredibly gentle on the skin, yet effective in whisking away makeup, oil, and impurities, it’ll have your skin feeling refreshed while leaving its protective barrier intact.

We’ve also heard many great things about the Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner, which minimises enlarged pores and balances oily skin with antioxidants and hydrating ceramides. As for the Resist BHA 9, get this if you’re looking for a solution to stubborn spots — the gel-serum delivers 9% BHA, or Salicylic Acid, in a controlled-release formula that works quickly to minimise redness, bumps, and enlarged pores.


For those concerned with major breakouts and acne, Paula’s Choice has a ‘Clear Acne’ line that focuses on balancing the skin and unclogging pores, whether we’re talking about mild breakouts or more persistent ones. The Clear Acne Extra Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment is a top choice for many, as the oil-free lotion contains 5% benzoyl peroxide to fight stubborn acne breakouts and prevent future ones. You’ll be glad to know that there are no harsh ingredients in there to further aggravate the skin as it also calms redness and controls excess oil.

Those dealing with mild breakouts might want to try the Clear Acne Oil-Free Moisturizer instead. It provides non-greasy, lightweight hydration that perfectly balances skin, alleviating dry patches without clogging the pores. Here, soothing antioxidants, sourced from pumpkin and blueberry, help calm redness, ceramides strengthen the skin’s surface, while niacinamide minimises pores and soothes dry skin.

    • Paula’s Choice Clear Acne Extra Strength Daily Skin Clearing Treatment 5% BP — $29.70 (U.P. $33)
    • Paula’s Choice Clear Acne Oil-Free Moisturizer — $40.50 (U.P. $45)


These might be one of the best deals offered by Shopee — Paula’s Choice limited edition skincare kits, at special prices! The sets offer a range of specially-curated products to address specific skincare concerns, whether it’s acne-prone skin, environmental damage and premature ageing, or simply dry or oily skin.

The Defense Starter Kit, in particular, stands out for formulas that are suitable for all skin types, ones that provide 24-hour environmental protection while neutralising airborne pollutants that may accumulate on our skin. A Gel-To-Cream Cleanser effectively removes these particles, while the Pore Refiner, night moisturiser, and day moisturiser with SPF contain powerful antioxidants that help protect and strengthen our skin against environmental damage.


shop paula’s choice during shopee’s Beauty Bonanza, 12 TO 16 MAy 2021, HERE.