Keep Fit At Home On The CRU TV Bike, Featuring A Built-In TV and Virtual Workout Sessions

With the ever-changing COVID guidelines in Singapore, it can get tricky to prepare for your weekly workout routine at the gym, especially when you are already working from home and the increasing threat of new clusters popping up around the country might have you opting to stay indoors instead.

In an effort to adapt to the current state of the global pandemic, fitness company CRU (best known for their spin cycle classes) has launched their all-new CRU TV Bike (from $3,800) to help recreate their heart-pumping and high adrenaline sessions in the comfort of your home.

CRU TV Bike, from $3,800.

Though a seemingly hefty investment, the CRU TV Bike ensures that you get the best of any home fitness program, providing you with not just the Bike but also a pair of SPD-SL cleats, a CRU Bike Mat, a set of weights, and a 12-month subscription to CRU’s on-demand in-house fitness content, CRU TV App, which is viewable on the Bike’s built-in screen.

CRU TV Bike comes with all you need to recreate your indoor cycle experience at home.

On its own, the CRU TV Bike features sensors to monitor and record your workout stats in real-time while also equipped with the ability to measure the distance you’ve rode, the rhythm at which you have pedalled, as well as the power output, to allow you to track and compare your workouts over a period of time. This helps you to see the improvements in your performance alongside the average of calories you have burned during your workout.

CRU TV App and stats page on the 21.5-inch screen of the bike.

Here’s a closer look at the features of the CRU TV Bike.

🚴 21.5-inch rotating HD touchscreen that rotates 180-degrees left or right for a seamless transition between cycling and floor-based workouts

🚴 Magnetic resistance modulation for low maintenance of the bike

🚴 Stages power meter for you to measure your distance, power output, and cadence

🚴 Handlebars that contain spring lift assist so that you can adjust your handlebar height with ease

🚴 Wheels built with an all-new matte black carbon fibre belt and signature red accents that allows you to ride any time of the day without any noise disruption

🚴 The stats page helps you to keep track of your progress with post-workout statistics and shows your output, cadence, distance, and calorie burn

The CRU TV App provides you with a library of content for all your workout needs.

Besides providing spin cycle content for your bike sessions, the CRU TV App also provides other immersive fitness content ranging from boxing, HIIT to yoga and meditation to help elevate your home workout experience. To use your off-bike content, all you’ll need to do is flip the 21.5-inch HD screen 180-degrees on the mount so that it is facing you, away from the bike, in the space you have chosen to do your workout. 

Fresh content is added weekly and access to the CRU TV App library is also available for users who already own a bike of their own or are on the lookout for a variety of virtual workout sessions, at $49 per month from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



The CRU TV Bike retails from $3,800 and is now available for pre-order here. For more information on the CRU TV Bike or CRU TV App, click here.

All images courtesy of CRU.