Temasek Foundation To Provide One Free Oximeter For Every Singapore Household

In an effort to help Singaporeans stay safe even with the emergence of new and more infectious COVID-19 variants, Temasek Foundation will be providing free oximeters for each Singapore household, as part of its Stay Prepared initiative.

One free oximeter will be available for each Singapore household.

As “silent pneumonia” is one of the most serious consequences of COVID-19 where seriously ill individuals can still feel generally well despite already damaged lungs and dangerously low levels of oxygen, an oximeter would help to monitor our blood oxygen levels and pulse/heart rates regularly and alert us to seek medical attention when the levels become dangerously low.


An oximeter will help you to monitor your blood oxygen levels.

Even when you feel well or have no other symptoms of the virus, COVID-19 can cause blood oxygen to drop to dangerously low levels and if left untreated, low oxygen levels have the potential to damage vital organs with very serious consequences.

Here’s a look at how the blood oxygen levels fare in between levels.

🩸 At 95% to 100%, the individual has healthy blood oxygen levels though smokers and patients with pre-existing lung or other conditions may score a lower level

🩸 At 90% to 94%, the individual is experiencing low blood oxygen levels and may need to consult with a doctor to see if supplemental oxygen is required

🩸 At less than 90%, the individual is suffering from dangerously low blood oxygen levels which will require urgent treatment at the Accident & Emergency Department (A&E) in the hospital


Singapore Post will be distributing a Stay Prepared leaflet with a redemption tab to each household letterbox between 28 June to 3 July 2021. All you’ll need to do is bring the leaflet (with the redemption tab still attached) with you to any collection point to redeem your oximeter.

Redemption will begin from 5 July to 5 August 2021 at over 300 collection points at NTUC FairPrice (excluding FairPrice Xpress at petrol kiosks), Sheng Siong, Giant, Cold Storage, Watsons, Unity, and Guardian. You can check here for your nearest collection points and operating hours.

To avoid crowds, you may wish to collect after 7 July 2021 or during off-peak hours. You can also collect the oximeters on behalf of other family households or for your friends and neighbours by bringing along their household leaflets with the redemption tabs intact.



For more information on the oximeter, click here.

All images courtesy of Temasek Foundation.