Editor’s Review: 2 weeks of SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier gave me visible, impressive results

SkinCeuticals has been part of my skincare regime for a few years now. I was first introduced to the brand through their top-selling C E Ferulic vitamin C serum — my sister keeps gushing about this product and it’s one of the few skincare items that works well for her sensitive skin. Also, earlier this year in March, the new Silymarin CF made it into my editor’s beauty picks for the month. It’s similar to the C E Ferulic serum, but with added anti-acne ingredients. I love it and have been using it every day since I got a bottle, and it has actually kept my skin blemish-free.

While these products have been sharing the spotlight, there’s another serum that’s been quietly achieving more accolades in the field of dermatological beauty, and that’s the H.A. Intensifier.

Above: Skinceuticals H.A. INTENSIFIER packaging and bottle

The H.A. in the product’s name refers to hyaluronic acid, which is a major component of skin, and whose function is to retain water in the skin and repair it. “A good Hyaluronic Acid product needs to contain purest forms of Hyaluronic Acid for maximum absorption into the skin. Also, Hyaluronic Acid-based serums are best paired with skin boosters and filler injections to volumise and firm up the skin.”, says Doctor Amanda Chen from Bk Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic.

With SkinCeuticals’ H.A. Intensifier, Proxylane™, a patented ingredient in the formula, stimulates the skin to produce hyaluronic acid, instead of just supplementing more of it. This really intensifies the levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin and sets the serum apart from other skincare. The formula breakdown of the serum is as follows:

  • 10% Proxylane™
    Supports skin’s hyaluronic acid levels to help improve the appearance of skin firmness.
  • 2.0% Licorice Root Extract (dipotassium glycyrrhizate) + 0.2% Purple Rice Extract
    These potent ingredients work together to help preserve hyaluronic acid content in skin.
  • 1.3% Hyaluronic Acid
    This powerful natural humectant provides long lasting hydration to improve the look of skin texture.

Above: Skinceuticals H.A. INTENSIFIER bottle

The formula is paraben- and dye-free, with the colour of the serum coming from the Purple Rice Extract. And like most SkinCeuticals skincare products, the H.A. Intensifier is suitable for sensitive and blemish-prone skin. In fact, this Multi-Functional Serum is also gentle enough to be used on the eye area, and will diminish fine lines around the eyes with constant use.

And even though it’s gentle on skin, it’s still very powerful, and may be used as part of a home skincare regimen after dermal fillers, which is also why the brand is stocked at professional medical clinics.

Above: Skinceuticals H.A. INTENSIFIER dropper

I particularly like the texture of the serum; it comes out like a gel format, but doesn’t feel thick at all. It’s lightweight and spreads very easily on the skin and absorbs quickly. It also results in a comfortable and smooth canvas that’s really nice to apply makeup over.

Above: Skinceuticals H.A. INTENSIFIER serum texture


According to the clinical studies by SkinCeuticals, with use of the H.A. Intensifier over time, the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels increase by up to 30%, and skin appears more hydrated, less damaged, and smoother. The look of crow’s feet, nasolabial folds (laugh lines), and marionette lines are reduced and skin is firmer.

I applied this serum twice a day (morning and night) and documented the results on my forehead. These photos were taken in the morning with natural light, before the application of any skincare or makeup, and have not been retouched in any way. The skin tone may appear different across the pictures because of the natural light the day I took it.

[Click on the images to enlarge.]

The most visible difference was after one week on day 8; my skin looked much smoother and the fine lines reduced in appearance. By day 17, the skin on my forehead is unrecognisable from day 1; many of the rough spots have disappeared and it’s very evident when I apply foundation on my skin — it glides smoother over skin and sits better too.

Considering that many of the serums from SkinCeuticals are on the pricier side (their best-selling C E Ferulic is $248), the H.A. Intensifier is a really good purchase at $159, and especially for the results that you’ll see within a week. It’s a great investment for your skin at any age; add it into your anti-ageing skincare regime (you can layer it with your existing serums and creams, go in order of texture from thinnest to thickest), or use it to correct and repair damaged skin from blemishes, environmental damage, or even medical aesthetic procedures (do check with your doctor first).

SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier Multi-Functional Serum, $159 (30ml). Available on the SkinCeuticals official store on LAZADA, TANGS.COM, BHG ONLINE, and authorised MEDICAL PARTNERS.


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