Hermès has new tableware! This is Hippomobile, a bright and playful tea service

Above: Hermès Hippomobile collection, image courtesy Hermès.

Hermès has a new joyful and playful tea set, where pieces can be combined to form a larger picture. For example, a horse stretches across three plates. Lining them up on the table is a fun display of Hermès tableware at its best. There are also coffee cups with motifs that sneak up inside it. The set was imagined by artist Gianpaolo Pagni, who drew inspiration from jockey silks and the world of cartoons. He says, “I envisioned a horse with an elongated back that could hold several riders. A kind of limousine horse”. Hence that super long horse that makes us need to buy all three plates to complete the set. Here’s to more whimsical meals.

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Prices range from $210 for a dessert plate, $270 for a coffee cup and saucer set, $460 for set of 2 mugs, to $630 for a tart platter.
The Hermès Hippomobile collection is available in-store and ONLINE now. You can also check out the full range of Hermès tableware at HERMES.COM.