Irish gymnast, Rhys McClenaghan debunks “anti-sex” rumour about the Tokyo Olympics cardboard bed

Above: Set of Olympic Rings unveiled on Mount Takao for the 100 days to go until Tokyo 2020. Photo Credit: © Tokyo 2020 and TMG

It’s no secret that athletes in any Olympics Village engage in sex — but of course this is now against regulations because of COVID. And since the reveal of those cardboard beds that the internet has been making fun of, there’s a theory that it’s aimed at avoiding intimacy among participants.

Above: The cardboard bed for ATHLETES at the tokyo olympics.

But just yesterday, Irish gymnast, Rhys McClenaghan debunks the rumour by posting a video of himself heartily jumping on the bed. It’s a pretty firm and strong cardboard structure that can easily hold the weight of two people.

How the Tokyo Olympics committee is discouraging sex is by only giving out condoms after the games. And these are some fancy condoms. Japanese condom manufacturer, Okamoto has developed a special line of condoms just for the Olympics, featuring traditional Japanese ukiyo-e artwork. They believe that these designs would be popular with tourists and the athletes from overseas. Check them out:

Above: ukiyo-e art (featured on the first two condoms), and customisable designs. image credit from PR TIMES.