Japanese artist, Meetissai turns our favourite animal memes into mini clay sculptures and we want to collect them all

Everyone loves their cat memes, but we love them even more when they are turned into clay art. Japanese artist, Meetissai has been creating these little sculptures for the past couple of years and they make perfect additions to our WFH desk. Here are some of our favourites:

There are also clay sculptures of other animals including dogs, pandas and birds, but we’re only here for the cats. You can buy selected pieces here: metamatter.booth.pm, with prices starting from JPY 1400 (approx. SGD 17.23). As expected, most of the cats are out of stock, but cow cat is still available.

Buy cow cat here before it’s too late:

For more laughs, Meetissai has a book that’s available on Amazon featuring his work in progress and some of his favourite and iconic pieces. The book is in Japanese but you don’t really need to understand the text because the pictures tell a good story all on their own.

Above: The Art of Meetissai, $55.58 on AMAZON

We’ll just leave you with this:

For more, follow Meetissai on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.