The best time to buy a new TV is now! The Mi TV P1 Series has a special one-day only sale for 7.7

Almost all my friends own something from tech lifestyle brand, Xiaomi  — from power banks and smart clocks to home CCTV cameras and vacuum cleaners. I like the brand because the designs are clean and minimal, but also smart. The whole no-frills approach to the design means I can fit them into my home decor seamlessly, but more importantly, it means I don’t pay for excess that I don’t want or need.

I recently got my hands on the Mi TV P1 55″; this is part of the P1 Series of televisions from Xiaomi that launched last month, and for its price (original price at $999), it’s excellent.

Above: angled view of the Mi TV P1 55″ (U.P. $999, available on Shopee and Lazada)

The 4K screen resolution is bright, true to colour, and clear. It’s an absolute joy to watch movies and play games on this display. I particularly love the bezel-less design that has the screen spanning from corner to corner — it looks sleek and beautiful. It’s also a pretty clever screen — it dims when it gets into idle mode, similar to a screensaver on a computer.

Above: playing playstation on the large 55″ screen

It runs on the Android system, which means I can tap into the vast database of Android apps (I’ve installed Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go, Disney+, Prime Video, and a whole host of news stations). There’s also Google Assistant built-in, which I personally prefer to disable — but good to know the function is there.

Other features include Bluetooth connectivity, built-in Chromecast, stereo speaker with Dolby Audio and DTS-HD® support, and 3 years warranty.

Above: The remote control

The bluetooth remote control is easy to operate. There are dedicated buttons for the Netflix and Prime Video apps, with all the other buttons being straightforward to use for navigating the operating system (which is also intuitive).

If you’ve been thinking about getting a new TV, you won’t regret this purchase. There are four screen sizes available: 32″, 43″, 50″, and the one featured here, 55″. They are pretty much the same in terms of design and functionality, so you can choose one based on the display size you need, and of course, your budget.

Above: Different angles of the Mi TV P1 55″. it has a nice, slim profile.

The best place to purchase this is on the brand’s official global stores on Shopee and Lazada. It’s important to shop at these official sites so you’re guaranteed that these products are genuine, and you’ll get the after-sales service from the brand. And with 7.7 that’s happening tomorrow, Xiaomi is discounting some of their most popular products (including this TV) for one day only on these two sites. Here are the prices:

shop The 7.7 sale at xiaomi’s official stores on SHOPEE and LAZADA.
If you miss the one-day sale on 7.7, check out the other promos happening in Mi stores until the end of July. You can follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news, updates and promotions.