The Longchamp Le Pliage® Green Is A New Sustainable Version Of Their Iconic Bag

Longchamp’s most iconic foldable bag, the Le Pliage®, is now sustainable. While the brand has previously introduced fabrics such as recycled polyester canvas and ECONYL®-certified recycled polyamide (nylon) canvas into their other lines, the Le Pliage® Green is the first Le Pliage® made with recycled nylon.

This new eco-conscious textile is included in many of the recognisable bags part of the main Le Pliage® line, from the Small Top Handle Bag and Backpack, to the Large Travel Bag styles. According to Longchamp, this also marks the start of their transition to using recycled nylon throughout the entire Le Pliage® collection by 2023, and is meant to be “an evolution, rather than a revolution” for the brand.

Thanks to technological advancements in recent years, the recycled nylon material is able to live up to the same high standards as the original nylon canvas, boasting the same level of durability, its waterproof, washable, and foldable properties, as well as the look and feel of the original. Longchamp takes this one step further by offering in-house repairs, usually free of charge, which then cuts down on waste and needless consumption.

The Le Pliage® Green is available in the following bag silhouettes: the Small Top Handle Bag ($175); Small Shoulder Bag ($195); Backpack ($195); Medium Top Handle Bag ($195); Large Shoulder Bag ($225); Large Travel Bag ($235); Extra Large Travel Bag ($260); and the Extensible Travel Bag ($360). Accessories include the Coin Purse ($85) and Cosmetic Case ($115).

These are available in the shades of Forest (green), Earth (red), Ocean (blue), and Snow (white), where the last colour is exclusive to Longchamp ION Orchard. Other unique details to look out for include the monochrome palette, where the leather and canvas are of the same shade, as well as a noticeable green edge at the tip of the bag’s leather detailing.

Le Pliage® Green Medium Top Handle Bag ($195). Available in Forest, Earth, Ocean, and Snow (exclusive to Longchamp ION Orchard).
Le Pliage® Green Medium Top Handle Bag ($195). Available in Forest, Earth, Ocean, and Snow (exclusive to Longchamp ION Orchard).

Besides the recycled nylon canvas, each component of the bag, from the leather to the hardware, is also as sustainably-sourced as possible. It’s estimated that the bag’s environmental impact, measured in CO2 emissions, is “six times less than a pair of jeans”. Here are the ways the Le Pliage® Green lives up to its eco-conscious ideal:

    • THE CANVAS: Recycled nylon canvas — This is sourced from fishing nets, carpets, pre-consumer waste from articles such as nylon stockings, and offcuts from the textile production process. The material has attained Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification, and contains between 70% and 100% recycled fibres.
    • THE LEATHER: Russian leather & gold-standard tanneries — Longchamp uses cowhide leather that’s a by-product of the food industry, which would have gone wasted otherwise. 90% of the leather used for the Le Pliage® Green comes from tanneries with the Leather Working Group (LWG)’s highest Gold certification, audited based on water and energy consumption, waste treatment, and other factors.
    • THE SHOULDER STRAPS: The shoulder straps of the backpack and travel bag are made from GRS-certified recycled polyester, derived mainly from plastic bottles. A similar recycled polyester, containing 90% recycled fibres, is used for the zip tapes and the embroidery thread.
    • THE HARDWARE: Hardware is kept minimal, and contains recycled metal — 30% for the bag’s signature brass press-stud, and 60-90% for components such as the zip pull and slider, as well as the snap hooks on the travel bag.
    • THE PACKAGING: At the store, you’ll receive fully recyclable paper bags certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), sourced from sustainably managed forests.
Le Pliage® Green Large Shoulder Bag ($225); Cosmetic Case ($115).
Le Pliage® Green Backpack ($195); Extra Large Travel Bag ($260).
longchamp Le Pliage® Green, $85 – $360. Available at Longchamp stores. LONGCHAMP.COM