The Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker — a fashion accessory, art piece, and music player

Above: the louis vuitton horizon light up speaker

The Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker is a portable speaker that is as functional as it is beautiful. Its “spinning top” shape takes inspiration from the brand’s Toupie handbag, and can be carried as an accessory with the included leather strap, or balanced on its stand, which showcases it like an art piece.


When switched on, the device comes to life with sound, light and movement. There’s a covered woofer that vibrates, and colourful lights that synchronise to the music’s beat. The top ring with LED backlighting provides three different animations in seven graduated colourways; while the middle band of the device features the brand’s name spelt out, and these letters also glow in colours that match the top ring.

Above: The top ring with seven graduated colourways

Above: the middle band featuring the brand’s name spelt out

Above: the letters change colour to match the colour displayed on the top ring.

We admit the speaker looks nice. Really nice. And it should for the brand and what it’s priced at. But how does it sound? We honestly don’t know, but the specs look decent.

The Louis Vuitton HORIZON LIGHT UP SPEAKER is priced at $4,100. Available in Louis Vuitton boutiques and on LOUISVUITTON.COM.