5 essential gadgets from Sharp that will improve your quality of life, including an anti-fog face shield

Whether you’re setting up a new house, moving to working from home or heading back into the office, technology is here to make our lives better. Here’s five of our favourite gadgets from Japanese electronics maker, Sharp that deserve our attention.

Anti-Fog Face Shield

There are heaps of face shield options on Shopee and Lazada, but this one doesn’t fog up. We love the clean, minimalist styling of this shield, and that it sits on the forehead (not nose bridge), which makes it really comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It’s also very light at just 14g and is compatible with glasses.

The JAPAN Anti-Fog Face Shield is priced at $55 (U.P. $69), available from sharp’s E-STORE.

AQUOS Sound Partner

This is a wireless, handsfree audio headset that connects by bluetooth to your smartphone. Reviews claim that it’s good for long hours of conference calls and we can see why; it sits comfortably around the neck and has a battery life of up to 16 hours.

sharp aquos sound partner is priced at $199 (U.P. $299), available from sharp’s E-STORE and at the sharp official store on SHOPEE.SG.

Front Load Washing Machine

This model is the Front Load Washer ES-FW105SG that handles a load of up to 10.5kg. It’s everything you need in a washer — an intuitive guided user control panel, 10 program settings, a water efficiency rating of 4 ticks, and Sharp’s proprietary J-Tech inverter technology (this is Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion Technology that removes 99% of bacteria). There’s also a Steam Care function that uses a combination of steam and water to clean fabrics, and this helps to remove wrinkles and remove odours. We also love that it comes in dark grey, which looks super sleek and contemporary.

Find out more about Sharp’s front load washing machine HERE, and buy it at the sharp official store on SHOPEE.SG, priced at $1,299 (U.P. $1,599).

HEALSIO Water Oven

Sharp has quite a few models of microwave ovens, but the one you want to invest in is the AX-1700VM(R) HEALSIO Water Oven. It uses steam at temperatures of more than 300°C to cook food without killing any of the nutrients in the ingredients, and food retains its natural moisture so it’s always succulent and delicious. The oven also grills, bakes, stir-fries and steams. You can check out and download recipes from Sharp’s website here.

sharp AX-1700VM(R) is priced at $1,299 (U.P. $1,759), available at the sharp official store on SHOPEE.SG.

Air Purifier

A good air purifier for the home is one of the hottest commodities to come out of the suffocating haze that happened in 2013 (remember that?). Now it’s common to find some sort of air purifier in a home, and even more so in a home office. This is Sharp’s Humidifying Air Purifier KI-L80E-T that does quite a lot of things to keep the air around you healthy: it captures and filters airborne microbes, viruses, tree pollen, dust mite remains and faeces, airborne mould, pet hair and dander, and deodorises cigarette smoke, diesel exhaust and even body odour. We all want one of these.

discover more on Sharp’s humidifying air purifier HERE. It’s priced at $1,499 (U.P. $1,699) at sharp’s official store on SHOPEE.SG.