6 Unique Mooncakes to Try Including Official Harry Potter Mooncakes and Bunny-Shaped Mooncakes

Mooncake season is here and while our Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations may seem a little more restricted than last year (especially with the new regulations), it does not mean that we can’t continue the tradition in our own way. Instead of sticking to the basic flavours this year, why not switch it up with unique flavours and designs to match the unconventional year we have been having?

From Hello Kitty and Harry Potter themed mooncakes to weirdly intriguing flavours like Mala Chicken Floss, here are six unique mooncakes to try.

1. Awfully Chocolate

The Harry Potter Collector’s Edition Chest, $168. (Image courtesy of Awfully Chocolate/Warner Bros.)

Awfully Chocolate has teamed up with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to bring you the world’s first-ever official Harry Potter Mooncake Chest ($128)! The set features four mooncakes, each packed in its individual Hogwarts House tin — Gryffindor (Red Yam Lotus Single Yolk), Ravenclaw (Blue Pea Pu-Er Lotus with Melon Seeds), Hufflepuff (Pumpkin White Lotus with Double Yolk, and Slytherin (Matcha Black Sesame with Black & White Sesame Seeds).

The mooncakes come packed in a red velvet chest with quilted lining as well as golden sporks and a certificate of authenticity (to recognise the set as an official Wizarding World product). For Potterheads who are looking to make it a more complete collection, an option with the matching collectable Hogwarts Houses ceramic plates is also available at $168.

You can pre-order the Harry Potter Mooncake Collection online here for self-collection or delivery.

2. Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather Mooncake Box, $68. (Image courtesy of Birds of a Feather)

Fans of Mala, here’s one for you — Birds of a Feather will be launching its Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake series with their Birds of a Feather Mooncake Box ($68) featuring the Mala Chicken Floss, Salted Egg Yolk with Low Sugar White lotus Paste Mooncake, which offers a blend of Sichuan spices that offers a pleasant mild spicy note; and the Single Yolk Macadamia Nuts with Low Sugar White Lotus Paste Mooncake which combines the rich, buttery taste of macadamia nuts with the delicate sweet note of lotus paste.

Each set of four mooncakes comes in a black box that has been intricately designed in gold strokes that were first illustrated by hand, then replicated and etched into the tin box. 

You can pre-order a box of four mooncakes online here for self-collection or delivery.

3. Cheers & Fairprice Express

From left to right: Sanrio Odyssey Music Box, My Melody Lunch Bag Set, and Hello Kitty Collector Gift Box – from $68 to $139. (Image courtesy of Cheers/Fairprice)

Get a dose of cuteness with the limited edition baked mooncake sets from Sanrio at Cheers & Fairprice Express. A total of three sets — the Sanrio Odyssey Music Box, My Melody Lunch Bag Set, and Hello Kitty Collector Gift Box (from $68 to $139) — are available, each with two or four different flavours of baked mooncake with a molten lava centre that replicates the salted egg yolk of the traditional mooncake.

Here’s a look at the flavours available in each set:

🥮 Sanrio Odyssey Music Box: Dynasty Amber Walnut Mooncake, Meteor Wave Cherries Mooncake, Royale Dark Musang King Mooncake, and Shang-Moon Emerald Lotus Salted Egg Lava Mooncake

🥮 My Melody Lunch Bag: Chocolate Lotus Caramel Lava Mooncake and Pandan Lotus Mango Lava Mooncake

🥮 Hello Kitty Collector Gift Box: Bamboo Charcoal White Lotus Salted Egg Lava Mooncake, Durian Lotus Musang King Lava Mooncake, White Lotus Double Yolks Mooncake, and Pandan Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake

You can purchase the sets at selected Cheers & Fairprice Xpress outlets from mid-August 2021. Click here for the list of Cheers & Fairprice outlets.

4. Lady M

Celebration of Lights Gift Set, $95. (Image courtesy of Lady M)

Packaged in a custom-designed Ferris wheel box in collaboration with Hong Kong-founded bakery Kee Wah Bakery, comes Lady M’s Celebration of Lights Gift Set ($95) with three Custard Mooncakes and three Chocolate Mooncakes.

The Custard Mooncake offers a sweet bite of rich egg custard filling wrapped in a buttery, golden mooncake shell while the Chocolate Mooncake features a silky chocolate custard encased in a chocolate-infused mooncake pastry. Each mooncake comes in its individual compartments which can be rotated and revealed as it spins. 

You can purchase the Celebration of Lights Gift Set across all Lady M boutiques now or pre-order them online here for islandwide delivery.

5. Sunday Folks

Túgether, $88. (Image courtesy of Sunday Folks/Bynd Artisan)

In their first-ever mooncake collaboration, Sunday Folks has partnered with Bynd Artisan to bring you Túgether ($88) featuring delicately handcrafted snow-skin mochi mooncake with gold-leafed rabbit ears, and a light, refreshing filling of Japanese white bean and yuzu zest.

Each set comes with a full-moon-inspired round box with a tan Nappa-leather handle, 6 pieces of mooncakes, as well as a limited-edition Rabbit Bag Charm finished in pink cow-hide leather.

You can pre-order the Túgether set online here for self-collection or delivery.

6. Venchi

Chocolate Mooncake Square Gift Box, $78. (Image courtesy of Venchi)

Instead of the traditional baked mooncakes, why not opt for Venchi’s chocolate mooncakes which are made entirely out of chocolate?

The basic Chocolate Mooncake Square Gift Box ($78) features a Fruity Mooncake with a 56% fruity dark chocolate shell filled with soft coconut cream and crunchy raspberry grains; a Matcha Mooncake with a matcha shell filled with matcha cream and cocoa nibs; and a Dark Suprema Mooncake with a 60% dark chocolate shell filled with Venchi’s creamy dark chocolate Suprema spread and the special Gianduia N.3.

The chocolate mooncakes are also available for order with other chocolates in the Rectangle Gift Box ($98), Double Layer Gift Box ($138), and the Lantern Gift Box ($238).

You can pre-order the gift boxes online here for self-collection or delivery.



Header image courtesy of Sunday Folks, Lady M, and Awfully Chocolate/Warner Bros.