Confirm will sell out: the Otters Rice Grain Porcelain, feat. otters in a yin-yang motif

One of our favourite Singapore design and lifestyle brands, Supermama, is launching an all-new homeware line called Nanyang Porcelain. The range draws inspiration from the traditions and craftsmanship of Asia, with the first complete set — the Otters Rice Grain Porcelain — launching on 20 Aug 2021, 8pm on Supermama’s website, and in celebration of Singapore’s 56th birthday.

Traditional blue-and-white porcelain feature otters in a yin-yang motif imprinted at the well, and are set against two traditional Chinese symbols — the bat and 工 (‘labour’ in Chinese), signifying Supermama’s contemporary take on a time-honoured design.

Lee Mei Ling, co-founder of Supermama, says “We’re always looking for ways to pay homage to Singapore’s culture and were very encouraged by the popular demand for our ‘magic cups‘. When we saw PM Lee’s post about the otters, we simply thought it would be another great way to share some memorable moments in Singapore.”

The pieces are manufactured in Jingdezhen, which is famous for their production of imperial porcelain dating back over a thousand years, and is now known as the porcelain “capital” of China.

Every item is made by hand and follows the guiding principle of Sobutsu (“rough around the edges” in Japanese), which results in no two wares being alike. These irregularities are embraced by customers and add character to each piece.

In celebration of Singapore’ birthday, the range is sold at a promotional price of 20% off its retail price for the month of August. Prices are as follows:

Noodle Bowl, $56 for a set of 2
Round Plate, $56 for a set of 2
Rice Bowl, $48 for a set of 4
Saucer, $32 for a set of 4
Round Side Plate, $60 for a set of 4

Shop online from 20 August 2021, 8pm at SUPERMAMASTORE.COM.