Miley Cyrus Is The Unexpected Star Of The New Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Scent

Love her or hate her, it’s time we got over the idea that female celebrities even fall into either extremes — and if there’s one thing we can celebrate about pop star Miley Cyrus, it’s her bold, honest, and unabashed approach to life.

Granted, we were initially surprised to hear that she’s now the new face of Gucci Flora‘s latest fragrance, since their scents are often soft and girly, words we wouldn’t use to describe the feisty celebrity. This one’s different though. The Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia is delicately sweet, yes, but also explores “unusual, sensual and intense” notes, an interesting contrast that’s definitely fitting for our edgy songstress. You’ll see what we mean.

“I had fun building a surreal and enchanting world around Miley Cyrus, creating a playful contrast between this artist with a rock ‘n’ roll spirit and a flowery universe,” says Gucci creative director, Alessandro Michele. It’s also a match-made-in-heaven for Miley, who professes: “The campaign is really focused on being yourself and true to who you are, and that is perfectly in line with my own values and beliefs.”


This fantastical universe is filled with flowers and fluffy animals, where we see Miley cuddling up to the white poodles and Persian cats, Gucci Flora bottle in tow. Alongside those nostalgic filters, we also get a Japanese anime-inspired world that imagines the free-spirited fragrance and its star in eclectic kawaii aesthetics, all in surreal sunset hues. Both these are directed and shot by artist Petra Collin.

“I love the fantasy aspect of this campaign. I am always talking about creating fantasies through my art, and creating a world in which my fans and myself can live in,” adds Miley.

For avid fans, you’ll know that the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia is more of a relaunch of an old classic, though with a new Eau de Parfum that’s a highly concentrated expression of the original Eau de Toilette. The mystical Gardenia flower is still at the centre of the fragrance, while a lively floral bouquet is created by combining notes of White Gardenia and Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute. At the same time, a Pear Blossom accord will lift your spirits when it touches your skin, while a touch of Brown Sugar accord adds a lingering sweet note.

The new elongated bottle is as elegant as ever, made with lacquered pink glass, crafted partly from recycled glass, and a shiny gold cap to make this an absolute prized possession on your vanity table. Then, there’s an archival illustrated print of a painting of colourful blooms by artist Vittorio Accornero for Gucci in 1966, seen on the bottle itself as well as the box packaging, which lends a distinct nostalgic touch to its design.

As for Miley’s take on the new scent, here’s what she has to say: “It’s the perfect perfume to wear to express yourself and your boldness, and of course, to smell amazing,” adding that the Gorgeous Gardenia variation reminds her of optimism and joy as well.

In the same interview, she’s also candid about her desire to “live my life with honesty and fearlessness”, and to encourage her fans to do the same. She continues, “Having grown up in the spotlight, I think people sometimes forget that I am still human and I will always be changing and evolving just like everyone else — but I always try to embrace that and own it, and I am beyond grateful to be able to empower those around me to do the same.” An apt ambassador for Gucci’s bold scent, indeed.


Gucci Beauty Flora Gorgeous Gardenia EDP, $134 for 30ml, $168 for 60ml, $227 fro 100ml. Available at Sephora stores and on from 1 Aug 2021 and at Takashimaya, Tangs and BHG from 1 Sep 2021.