Review: Curél’s New Hydrating Sheet Mask That’s Perfected For Those With Dry Or Sensitive Skin

It could be the recent erratic weather, the lack of sleep thanks to a little thing we call revenge bedtime procrastination, or something as simple as having to put on a face mask when stepping out of the house. Whatever it is, it seems like bad skin days are far more frequent than usual. Dry skin patches? Red patches? Irritated skin? If you know, you know — and if you’re looking for a skincare boost, you’ve come to the right place.

Curél has just launched a new ceramide-enriched sheet mask that’s made for sensitive or sensitised skin, or even those with dry skin, and we’re here to try it out.

As the No. 1 Japanese skincare brand+ for sensitive Asian skin, Curél knows a thing or two about sensitive skincare. They’re realised that people with dry or sensitive skin tend to skip out on facial sheet masks, as these might potentially irritate the skin when left on the face — which is a shame, really, since it’s such an essential in many Asian beauty routines.

Part of their Intensive Moisture Facial Care range, the latest Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Repair Sheet Mask, however is ideal for those with dry, sensitive, or sensitised skin, and effectively gives parched and irritated skin a much-needed moisture boost, so you’ll wake up to soft and supple skin that lasts throughout the day.

The NEW Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Repair Sheet Mask

Curél Intensive Moisture Facial Care range, including the latest Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Repair Sheet Mask.

The key ingredient here is Ceramide, which is essential to build a strong and healthy skin barrier. Those with dry, sensitive, or sensitised skin often experience redness, tightness, or irritation — all signs of skin reactivity — that’s often due to a weak skin barrier, making the skin susceptible to external irritants. Dry patches are common too since the skin is unable to retain moisture, further weakening its barrier.

Thank goodness then that Curél’s sheet mask comes packed with a highly-moisturising Ceramide Care Technology, which replenishes ceramide levels in our skin, thus helping dry, sensitive skin become stronger and healthier. This effect is a long-lasting one as well, so if you’re someone with dry skin who’s used to the disappointment of past sheet masks’ effects disappearing overnight, you’d like how intensely hydrated your skin will feel all the way till the next day.


Curél’s sheet mask features a unique Vesicle technology that aids the delivery of ceramide-functioning ingredients and Eucalyptus extract into the skin, providing 10x better penetration compared to a regular moisturiser*, making this the ultimate intensive overnight treatment if you’re aiming for hydrated skin — this soft and bouncy effect lasts all through the night, and up till the next day. Furthermore, the sheet mask is clinically proven to be effective in improving skin moisture content by 140% in 2 weeks^.

Since this one’s made for sensitive skin, the formula is also pH balanced, with no added fragrance, alcohol, or colourants, while also dermatologically-tested and allergy-tested for further ease of mind.

The fit of Curél’s sheet mask.

What’s also unique is the fit and design of the Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Repair Sheet Mask. Made from a quality hydrophillic material, it’s especially gentle and soft for those with dry or sensitive skin, and constructed so that it covers the entire face without any gaps. A “flexible care” sheet allows you to tear off sheets at the bottom of the mask so you can moisturise areas often uncovered by regular sheet masks, including the wings of the nose, or around the mouth, while the sheet mask itself has additional flaps for our often-neglected eyelids.

Curél Foaming Facial Wash, Moisture Facial Lotion II, Moisture Repair Sheet Mask, Moisture Facial Milk.

For the best results, pair the sheet mask with the Curél Foaming Wash, Moisture Facial Lotion, and Moisture Facial Milk / Cream for a full regime.


Trying the Moisture Repair Sheet Mask.
First Impressions

I tried the recommended Curél skincare regime, which consists of the face wash, lotion, facial milk, and the new sheet mask, and while I don’t necessarily have sensitive skin, I happened to have reactive, sensitised skin that easily got red, say after a hot shower. My skin was also sallow and dry, and I had noticed it feeling tight and parched more often throughout the day as well — all this to say, I started off in the right place to start on this Curél sensitive care range.

On the sheet mask, it was soaked with serum from the moment I took it out of the packet, which was a relief since no one likes a dry mask from the get-go. I used the face mask twice within a week, and can say that the experience each time was comfortable. After 15 – 20 minutes of leaving it on for my skin to soak up its rich goodness, it immediately left my skin feeling plump and intensely hydrated.

The sheet mask right out of the pack — note how it comes soaked with serum, and the additional flaps over the eyelids and cut-out ones at the bottom of the mask.
Using the additional tear-off flaps to cover the gaps by the sides of the nose.
The Fit

Another thing I’d like to commend is its superb fit. This sheet mask was made out of a soft fabric that felt extra gentle and soothing on the skin, and yet had some weight to it so I didn’t feel like my skincare was about to evaporate away. The material wasn’t rigid at all, and had some stretch too so I was able to properly fit it onto my face, minimising gaps along the way.

There were also additional eyelid flaps to help with an area of the face that I, admittedly, usually do not have the time for, and while the mask was close to my eye area, I experienced no stinging or discomfort at any point of time. I found the the tear-off sheets very useful as well, and while the face mask sufficiently spread out over my entire face, I had used them over the gaps by the side of my nose, which would’ve otherwise gone un-moisturised. This helped with redness around that particular area.

The intensive moisture facial care Range

Since I was testing the sheet mask alongside these other products, here’s a mini review on the other products in the series. First off, I enjoyed the Foaming Wash for how gentle it was on my skin — the formula foams up instantly the moment it’s pumped out, creating this rich foam that lifts away impurities. The Moisture Lotion and Moisture Facial Milk were also perfect in a basic hydrating regime for sensitive skin, and easily absorbed without ever causing irritation.

The Results
Left: BEFORE — dry skin with some reddish patches, slightly sallow around the eyes. Right: AFTER — visibly more plump complexion, hydrated and with a “glass-skin” glow.

First things first, I didn’t notice any irritation at all. In fact, on the second occasion, when I used it right after cleansing my face after a sweaty day of cycling, any reddish flushes I had were immediately soothed and calmed, while it certainly felt like my parched skin gained from all the extra hydration.

The skin-plumping effects of Curél’s sheet mask lasted long after the treatment as well — which was most satisfactory to find out. I’ve often been disappointed at sheet masks when I wake up the next day to my regular dry skin, but was pleased to find out that the intense moisture boost I had experienced in the night lasted way more than a couple of hours. My dry skin was smooth and hydrated, making it way easier to prep and apply makeup over.

After a full week on Curél skincare regime, I had also noticed more plump, smoother skin, with lesser small bumps and redness on my cheeks and areas near my nose and mouth. I have to say, it’s a subtle change if you’re looking at just a picture, but I did enjoy the long-lasting hydration that I experienced — and that glistening glow! My skin was last prone to random dry spells in the middle of the day, which means I didn’t have to mist as often as before.

For those with dry or sensitised skin, in need of an intense skincare-booster that both hydrates and protects your skin, Curél’s sheet mask is an easy-to-use, easy addition to your existing skincare routine. I’d also recommend the full Intensive Moisture Facial Care Range if you’ve been experiencing reactive skin, and are looking for a non-irritating skincare line that effectively resets your skin.


The Curél Intensive Moisture Facial Care Range is available at selected Watsons, Don Don Donki and Welcia BHG outlets.

Click on the following product names to purchase them online:


+No. 1 in Japan for dry, sensitive skin. Based on INTAGE Inc SRI data, Sensitive Skincare Product Market, Value base, from Jan 2017 to Dec 2020

*Compared to recommended usage amount of Curél Moisture Facial Milk, based on adherence of Ceramide-functioning ingredient tested (N=5)

^Under test condition with 2 weeks usage for Curél Moisture Facial Lotion, Moisture Facial Milk and Moisture Repair Sheet Mask, tested on Japanese women with dry, sensitive skin (N=55)


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