The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer has a new attachment to tame flyaways

Ever since Dyson launched their Supersonic in 2016, the device has been one of the most effective and safe hairdryers in the world, and certainly the most desirable. This month, Dyson adds a new attachment for the Supersonic and it aims to smooth flyaways.

Above: The Dyson Supersonic box with the Flyaway attachment.

Above: It’s the same best-selling, award-winning supersonic hairdryer with the small, yet powerful Dyson digital motor V9 (this spins at up to 110,000rpm, which is up to 6 times faster than other hair dryer motors).

Above: All the attachments in the box, including a diffuser, styling concentrator, smoothing nozzle, gentle air attachment, and the new flyaway attachment.

Above: The familiar control buttons on the supersonic.

Above: this is what the flyaway attachment looks like.

Just like all the other Supersonic attachments, the Flyaway Attachment snaps on magnetically. It’s used with the curved end against the flat side of hair, and it harnesses the Coanda effect to tackle and hide stray hair and flyaways. It attracts the strands and lifts longer hairs to the front, while pushing flyaways through the tress and supposedly out of sight.

Above: The new attachment lifts longer hairs to the front, and pushes flyaways through the tress and out of sight.

Interestingly, this technology actually works, and results in a “salon blow dry” finish. It’s just a matter of getting used to the angle to dry hair, and reaching areas behind the head.

The Flyaway Attachment is fully compatible with existent Dyson Supersonic models, and can be bought individually at $49, or with the full machine at $599. Check it out:

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The new Flyaway Attachment is available individually, priced at $49, and within the box of new machines, priced at $599. Shop online at WWW.DYSON.COM.SG.