CHANEL’s Hydra Beauty Skincare — Kimberly Wang’s Go-To Range For Hydrated, Radiant Skin

From our years of reviewing skincare, it’s safe to say that there’s never going to be a “one size fits all” regime — our skin changes as we age, even reacts according to our environment or weather, so we often find ourselves switching up products for something suitable to our current needs. That said, I find CHANEL‘s Hydra Beauty range extremely reliable and versatile, no matter my skincare woe of the week — and it’s nice to know that radio personality Kimberly Wang agrees too.

“The Hydra Beauty series has been a long-term staple for me. It’s a good balance of hydrating and refreshing, especially in a humid climate like Singapore,” she shares. “My skin is sensitive and dehydrated, and I find that the Hydra Beauty range does very well in keeping my skin calm and supple throughout the day.”

So here’s a fun ASMR-style video we did with Kimberly, which shows off the key products in the Hydra Beauty range, including the Micro Crème and the new gently exfoliating Camellia Glow Concentrate.


The hydrating series taps on the White Camellia, or Camellia Japonica Alba Plena, handpicked from CHANEL’s prestigious Open-Sky Laboratory, to intensely moisturise and strengthen our skin barrier function, and over time, a plump, radiant-looking complexion awaits.

In fact, both the Micro Crème and Micro Gel Yeux are among Kimberly’s favourite products. “I definitely encourage everyone to try out the moisturiser first,” she says of the Micro Crème. “It was really what converted me to get on the whole range.”

As for why these are her go-to items, she continues : “I love using the eye gel in the day because it’s very light and feels like water, while the Micro Crème is the perfect day cream for me as well. The jelly-to-water texture has a surprisingly long-lasting hydrating effect that doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. Plus, because these products are all applied on my face, it’s important for me that they smell really good and refreshing too.”

I first tried the series about two years ago as well, and found it suitable for my late-20s skin, especially since the textures are unbelievably lightweight and refreshing, while still ultra-nourishing. The line works great at keeping my skin plump.

So, what makes the Hydra Beauty so special? Two very key points — first, the fact that its main ingredient, the White Camellia flower, is responsibly and uniquely sourced from the French beauty house’s own fields, or what they call their open-sky laboratories.

And second, those powerful micro-droplets you’ll find suspended in the serums and creams, which preserve the botanical extracts in its purest form, up till the moment they touch your skin. Here’s a look at these points in detail:

White Camellia Flower

— handpicked from the fields in gaujacq, southwestern france, the location of chanel’s prestigious open-sky laboratory. 

You might already know this, but the camellia has always been recognised as the emblematic flower of Mademoiselle Chanel, hence an oft-repeated symbol on CHANEL’s bags, shoes and ready-to-wear outfits. That said, the White Camellia is also a vital ingredient in the Hydra Beauty line. As a bloom that has the unique ability to blossom in Winter, CHANEL scientists have harnessed the power behind its resilience, ensuring it deeply moisturises our skin and restores it to its optimal healthy state.

The nurturing of the camellia flower itself is also an impressive feat. Since 1998, in the village of Gaujacq in Southwestern France, CHANEL has collaborated with International Camellia Expert, Jean Thoby, to cultivate a botanical conservatory garden, dedicated to cultivate and conserve 2,000 varieties of camellias from all around the world. This observatory was also the starting point for CHANEL’s own Camellia Farm, located close by, since the balanced climate is ideal for the growing of the crops.

Jean also elaborates on the particular species of camellia used in the Hydra Beauty range. “From trial to trial, following numerous exchanges with the phytochemistry laboratory, we managed in 2009 to carry out a first cultivation of Camellia japonica ‘Alba Plena’,” he explained. “Without the CHANEL project, this white camellia, which is only cultivated in Gaujacq, may have disappeared.”

For the Hydra Beauty line, both Camellia Alba PFA and antioxidant-rich Blue Ginger PFA are the key active ingredients for plump, hydrated skin.

Microfluidic Technology

— the serum, gels, and creams contain tiny micro-droplets of White Camellia extract, preserved in its purest form. 

Don’t let its scientific name fool you, CHANEL’s Microfluidic technology essentially has to do with the delivery of our skincare, or how the Hydra Beauty formulas reach our skin so they can do their best work. The groundbreaking technology combines oil and water to create powerful micro-droplets, each containing White Camellia extract, that are suspended within the serums, gels, and creams until they burst the moment they’re applied onto the skin. Having it this way ensures the active ingredients remain intact, and are thus at their most effective, until the moment of application.

Textures of the CHANEL Hydra Beauty essence, serum, and moisturiser.
Texture of the Hydra Beauty Micro Crème.

The NEW Camellia Glow Concentrate

While a basic Hydra Beauty regime starts with the essence, serum and moisturiser, there’s recently been a new launch that’s just as essential — the Hydra Beauty Camellia Glow Concentrate. This is a gently exfoliating treatment that renews and hydrates the skin, and contains a complex of AHAs, or alpha hydroxy acids, that aid in removing dead skin cells and simulating cellular renewal.

On top of that, the concentrate also contains a Camellia Yeast Extract developed just for CHANEL, which stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid within the skin, along with the Camellia Alba PFA and Blue Ginger PFA extracts present in the entire Hydra Beauty range.

As for how to incorporate it into your existing skincare regime, it’s similar to a skincare booster that you use continually for a duration of one month. Apply 2 drops every evening, smoothing from the center of the face outward, and downward to the neck, and by the end of the recommended month-long treatment, you should notice smoother, refreshed skin. It’s also recommended that we wait one month in between treatments, and not exceed 6 treatments per year.

Using the Hydra Beauty Camellia Glow Concentrate.

From my experience of using the Camellia Glow Concentrate, very little is needed to get it going. I used this right after cleansing during my night routine, and applied two drops of it onto my skin, letting the smooth, clear formula glide onto my face and even to my neck. Unlike physical exfoliators, this had a gel consistency and zero abrasion, which was very welcome. It was slightly sticky at first, though very smooth once it was absorbed unto my skin.

The proof is, of course, what I observed the next morning — I did note a more visible glow, and a smoother, more balanced complexion as well. Over time, the use of the concentrate will also result in skin that’s refined, with less visible pores.

the chanel hydra beauty regime


CHANEL Hydra Beauty, available at CHANEL Beauty boutiques and counters, and online on the CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty eShop.

Video, shot and edited by MUSE PTD LTD.
makeup & hair, by GREG-O.
modelled by KIMBERLY WANG.