Create an Ergonomic and Clutter-Free Home Workspace with EverDesk+

Created by the founders of ErgoTune, Singapore’s cult-favourite ergonomic work chair, EverDesk+ is the latest addition to their ergonomic furniture solutions, crafted to help you achieve a comfortable and productive home workspace.

The height-adjustable work desk does not just plan to keep you healthy and active while you work but offers a solution to clutter with integrated cable management while maximising space usage with an ecosystem of compatible accessories.

Equipped with a dual-motor system, the desk is able to make smooth, swift movements with the ability to hold a weight capacity of 120kg. Each EverDesk+ comes with a 10-year-warranty and has been built to last with rigorous testing that ensures specifications for quality and durability from international awarding bodies (such as BIFMA, TUV, and E0 emissions) are met. 

Here’s a look at some of the key features of the EverDesk+.


The EverDesk+ is a height-adjustable desk which is great for most of us who are looking to lessen the time spent on sedentary sitting from our work-from-home routine. This is where the desk control comes in with its seamlessly integrated key feature Health Coach — a smart function of the work desk that nudges you into healthy desk habits by reminding you to sit and stand at preferred intervals. 

The idea is for you to set reminders in the time intervals of 15, 30, and 60 minutes and when the set interval is up, Health Coach will emit a gentle vibration to remind you to adjust the height of your desk to switch between sitting and standing. This helps to encourage a healthy routine of movement that has been proven to improve blood circulation and maintain good health, even as you work.


If you find that your work desk gets unusually cluttered after a while, the EverDesk+ helps to tackle this with its integrated UniGroove system, a smart solution for managing cable clutter while doubling up as a portal to a range of compatible accessories to optimise desk space. 

The UniGroove system consists of two features namely the Cable Stopper ($29), which manages any type of cable through the stopper, hiding the rest of the cable below the desk and into the cable management tray; and the Phone or Tablet Holder, which allows for you to have either device held upright for easy access and usability without taking up more desk space.


Maximise your EverDesk+ functions with help from additional accessories that will help create more space for you to work productively. These include the Pegboard Panel ($49) which allows you to clip documents, stationeries, and knick-knacks from around your desk, and a series of Modular Tabletop Shelves (from $79) that can be secured in place with the UniGroove for more space to store notebooks or display plants. 

You can also consider attaching a float monitor arm (from $19) to prop monitor screens up to your ideal height and angle without taking up desk space!




The EverDesk+ retails from $599 to $749 in a variety of colour and finishes and is available to order online here. The compatible accessories for the desk can also be purchased online here.



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All images courtesy of EverDesk+.