Glossier Has Launched Monochromatic Eyeshadow Palettes In 10 Essential Shades

Glossier knows me. Those are the first words I thought of when I saw the new series of eyeshadow palettes from the millennial beauty brand, their first-ever too, simply called Monochromes. Perfect for “creatures of eyeshadow habit”, this one’s made for those of us who always, always go back to the same few trusty shades, no matter how expansive our makeup palettes are.

Each monochromatic compact features one shade in three finishes — matte, satin, and metallic, which you can wear one at a time or all at once, in a range of 10 signature colours curated by the brand.

Of the textures, Matte is said to be rich and smooth; satin gives off a soft, delicate sheen; while metallic comes through with a hint of shimmery sparkle. The 10 essential colours are inspired by nature as well — Rosin, a golden yellow, takes after honeycombs and bees, Clay reminds us of terracotta plant pots, while a cool Lilac might just capture the subtle sheen of a butterfly’s wing. These are mostly universal shades of soft taupes and warm browns, the stuff we usually run out of first in larger eyeshadow palettes, though yellow, olive, and a bright orange make for some fun, experimental colours too.


What’s even more special is that each tin compact is refillable and recyclable, with a removable mirror bearing the words “You Look Good”, a design staple found at their brick-and-mortar stores. The eyeshadow trios also definitely small and handy enough for your on-the-go makeup pouch — which is where you’ll find ours once we manage to snag a couple of these.

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