Gucci Debuts Stationery, Games, Playing Cards And More In Their Exquisite Lifestyle Collection

A Gucci house and desk situation sounds pretty good, we’d say, which is now possible thanks to the debut of the Gucci Lifestyle collection. Of whimsical designs that we can’t wait to start collecting, the series of game sets, decks of playing cards, notebooks, and stationery are inspired by a “cabinet of curiosities”, which explains the dreamy campaign images where we see notebooks and pillows fluttering across the room.

Gucci’s signature prints, including the Gucci supreme canvas, geometric, and floral designs, feature on items as diverse as pencil cases and memo pads as well, all of which will be launching on 10 September, at Gucci Paragon and online at

What’s unique here is Gucci’s new Demetra™ material, developed by their own technicians and artisans, which uses the same tanning processes, though this time with animal-free raw materials that are from renewable and bio-based sources. This innovation shows up across the collection’s notebooks covers, notepads, a pen carrying case, and pencil cases, as well as the base of these lovely glass-domed paperweights.

Beyond desk-bound accessories and games, Gucci has also come up with items meant for the discerning traveller — a garment carrier made from water-repellent linen for instance, along with a matching set of sleeping masks, pillows and bedroom slippers that you can pair with satin silk pyjamas.

Ahead, a thorough look at all the items in the collection — so go ahead, browse away!


Dice Sets ($520 – $550 each) and Playing Cards ($450 for the small sets ; $770 – $800 for the large sets).
A Poker Set and Backgammon Sets.

For your entertainment, you’ll find games and playing cards done in Gucci’s iconic styles, such as the GG Supreme canvas and the Geometric G print. A handcrafted dice set is made in Italy with bio-resin using traditional manufacturing techniques, and presented in a Demetra™ case as a set of five. The most collector-worthy items here have to be those poker or backgammon sets though; these are housed in cases inspired by archival briefcases from the 70s, complete with brown leather handles and trim for sophisticated flair.


Writing Sets ($300 – $490 each).
Pencil Boxes consisting of a set of graphite pencils ($330 each), and a Gucci Pen with carrying case ($880).
Memo Notes ($250 each).
Colour pencils.
Paperweights ($350 each).

From a stationery set of a notebook, envelopes and cards, to a hexagonal notepad, line-up of notebooks, and pencil cases, there’s a lot to admire here. What exudes the most old-school charm are probably those exquisite graphite pencils, in a set of six, which come in hand-made patterned pencil boxes in either oval or oblong shapes. The glass paperweights might make good gifts as well; each of these is crafted by hand by an Italian glassmaker.


Large Notebooks ($300 – $330 each), and Notebook Kits ($550 each).
Pencil Cases ($520 – $550 each).


Pyjamas, Slippers ($800), Sleeping Mask & Pillow Travel Sets, Garment Carriers ($1,210).
Fans ($690 each).

Last but not least, the playful series sees Gucci prints across satin silk pyjamas, bedroom slippers, pillows, and old-school fans. There’s even a garment carrier here — this one’s made from water-repellent linen, treated to be rain- and stain- resistant, and with a hanger too, so you can leave your house in peace, and style.

Gucci Lifestyle collection, available from 10 September 2021 at Gucci Paragon.