Review: The Egg Sandwiches To Order At Eggslut Singapore, The Famous LA Chain’s New Outlet

You might have walked past their yellow neon sign on a dreary day at Orchard, even peeked in a little, or thought to yourself, who on earth would dare put the word “slut” right in their restaurant name? That’s Eggslut for you. The famous LA-based restaurant, known for their egg-based sandwiches and burgers, will be arriving in Singapore on 9 September, and with their debut, comes an entire brunch-friendly menu that spotlights the humble egg.

Above: Eggslut Singapore, located at Scotts Square, is their first outlet in Southeast Asia as well. 

Despite their bold vision, name-wise, and in presenting a very egg-forward menu mostly consisting of egg-based sandwiches within warm brioche buns, I’d say that they’ve managed to nail comfort food we can’t wait to get back into again, especially with their signature Fairfax sandwich, which features the fluffiest scrambled eggs. Fans of the brand will also be glad they won’t need to travel for their fix — the flavours and textures of the food, even the downtown feel of the space, is exactly the same as what I had experienced at Los Angeles.

above: The space sees an open counter where you can watch the cooks at work, along with a bar that runs across the street-facing windows, ideal for people-watching.


1. Bacon, egg & cheese ; 2. Fairfax ; 3. Sausage, egg & cheese ; 4. Gaucho ; 5. Cheeseburger ; 6. Egg Salad.

If this is your first time at Eggslut, know that the menu features six core signature sandwiches, all comprising of eggs done in different ways — scrambled, diced and mixed, sous vide, or done in medium with an oozy centre — which are then served in between warm brioche buns. Here’s our take on the three most popular items: the Fairfax and Gaucho sandwiches, and their specialty item, provocatively called the Slut.

Must-Try: The Fairfax Sandwich

The Fairfax ($12) is probably going to be a hot favourite, since so many people here like their eggs scrambled over at hotel breakfast egg stations islandwide. And boy, does Eggslut do them well. About the sandwich first though — it combines cage-free soft scrambled eggs over caramelised onions, chives, and cheddar cheese, which is then topped with sriracha mayonnaise. To get their egg right, Eggslut cooks the eggs by first un-whisking into a cold pan, before stirring in cold butter in low heat, and then taking them off the stove in order to let it cook in their own heat, which is essentially very Gordon Ramsay-style 101.

The result? Smooth, creamy scrambled eggs that will never be overcooked. The eggs were pillowy-soft, a little on the runny aside even, while the proportion was generous enough for a warm, comforting bite. The chives, melted cheddar, and especially the sriracha mayo, packed most of the flavour such that I was through with half the sandwich before I even realised it, and those slightly sweet brioche buns were grilled to achieve that luxuriously soft texture.

Best part is, you can always stack your sandwich with a range of add-on options, including bacon, avocado, or a beef patty, if you find your order a tad too healthy. This applies to all the six sandwich or burgers. Still, I’d say that you can definitely enjoy the Fairfax on its own, though as your average millennial, I was sorely tempted to add avocado in mine.

Their Specialty: The Slut

You’ll definitely be in for a good time with the Slut ($11), which is as rich and sinful as you’d imagine — taste-wise. This one’s indulgence in a jar. The Slut consists of house-made potato purée topped off with coddled egg that’s cooked sous vide, before garnishing with gray salt and chives. It’s also served alongside crisp slices of toasted baguette. To eat, pick up a baguette slice and dunk it into the jar, just like you would your kaya toast in soft-boiled eggs.

This is the kind of Instagram-worthy specialty item that would pique people’s interests. While I’d probably pick the Fairfax Sandwich more often than the Slut, since it’s more on the comfort food spectrum, I still have a special place in my heart stomach for this one, since it was the item I ordered at the Los Angeles outlet.

The egg was as gooey as runny as expected, making for quite the visual treat when I started stirring it in the jar, though it’s that smooth, velvety texture and buttery-rich flavour that I couldn’t get enough of. Finished this in no time. Given my humble appetite, this does mean that the portion’s a little small though, so you might want to order this as an extra main dish you can share with your friends.

For Meat Lovers: The Gaucho Sandwich

Once you hear what goes into the Gaucho ($23), you’ll be sold: seared wagyu tri-tip steak, with chimichurri, red onions, and arugula, and topped with a medium egg. My first thoughts on the sandwich? It is hefty — and at almost twice the price, it’d better be too! The cooks at Eggslut make sure that the steak is done sous vide in a water bath, then seared to perfection, for a soft texture that complements the medium egg.

The meat within the sandwich was indeed done to perfection as claimed; it was medium-rare tender, juicy, and flavourful, and when paired with the chimichurri, offered a not-so-typical combination that was bright and fresh alongside the heartier beef. That the egg yolk immediately broke into a runny mess the moment I bit into it was a good thing — the egg was cooked to the perfect consistency as well.

While I enjoyed its textures, I felt like it tasted like a “healthy sandwich with beef” rather than my personal preference, greasy burgers. Maybe it’s the lack of cheese. Eggslut does offer a Cheeseburger (from $13.50) though if you’re up for that. Whatever it is, go in expecting the Gaucho to be more of a sandwich more than a burger; this has more delicate flavours that’d still fill you up anyway.

Other items on the menu include the classic Bacon, Egg & Cheese ($12), of applewood-smoked bacon over a medium egg, cheddar cheese and chipotle ketchup, that’s quite popular among hardcore fans as well. We also heard good things about the Truffle Hash Browns ($4.50), of potato babycakes cooked in duck fat then seasoned with truffle rosemary salt. The sound of that alone will have us going back to Eggslut for another round of good old egg sandwiches.


Aside from their signature Fresh Orange Juice, Eggslut Singapore is home to exclusive Craft Sodas ($4.50) created by local brewery Brewlander, available in two fizzy flavours: Elderflower & Lemon and Grapefruit & Ginger. You’ll also find a range of freshly-brewed coffee by Common Man Coffee Roasters, including the Specialty Hot Brew ($5), Specialty Cold Brew Black ($6), and Specialty Cold Brew White ($7).


Like all cult-favourite restaurants, you’ll find a line of Eggslut merchandise that, surprise, does not feature a single t-shirt in sight. Instead, there are keychains, paper clips, a memo pad, tin box, and even Lego minifigs in mostly black and yellow. The one we all want though is an umbrella that’s housed in a pill-shaped container, topped with a sunny-yellow round cap.



Opens 9 September 2021, at 11am. the first 100 customers will receive an exclusive eggslut gift.


Eggslut Singapore
Address: #01-12, Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road, Singapore 228209
Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm, daily

More information at Follow them on Instagram

Dining space images, credit: Eggslut Singapore.