The Fresh Beauty Soy Face Cleanser And Rose Toner, Now In Limited-Edition Jumbo Sizes

Cult-favourites, effective formulas that are often raved about, and now, value-for-money too? Say no more. If you can’t get enough of Fresh Beauty’s glorious Soy Face Cleanser, which happens to be their first-ever skincare product, you’ll be glad to know that it’s back in a jumbo 400ml bottle, for a limited time only.

And while we have seen this supersized favourite on shelves previously, before they were all snapped up that is, Fresh is now debuting the Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner in a 400ml size as well! Both are introduced to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary this year.

The Soy Face Cleanser is a gentle gel formula that cleanses skin and removes tough makeup without stripping it  — and includes important ingredients that help soothe, balance, and soften the skin so you’ll feel the difference after cleansing.

Now in 4 sizes: a Limited Edition Jumbo 400ml ($125) ; Limited Edition Jumbo 200ml ($75, exclusive to Sephora) ; Classic 150ml ($63) ; To-go 50ml ($23). Available at, fresh boutiques, and department stores.

Now that we’re getting a jumbo-sized version of the Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner, what’s most impressive about this ultra-hydrating and nourishing formula is how it’s infused with real rose petals, making this the most stunning visual treat. On top of that, the alcohol-free toner also sinks into the skin, and cleanses away surface debris while refining the look of pores, resulting in soft, soft skin. Both these superb formulas obviously made it to our list of Fresh favourites as well.

Now in 3 sizes: Jumbo 400ml ($98) ; Classic 250ml ($70) ;To-go 100ml ($38). Available at, fresh boutiques, department stores, and Sephora.