Work Comfortably and Ache-Free with The Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG Office Chair

Since the start of us working from home, many of us have regarded long hours at our desks as a form of normalcy in our daily lives. Even though we may be sitting as we work, the infrequent mobility has resulted in issues like muscular tension and backaches becoming more common than we’d like. 

As such, the best way to deal with this frequent onset of aches and pains is to invest in a proper office chair that can provide you with the comfort you need to be productive throughout the day.

Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG Series 8 Ergonomic Office Chair, $899.

Ergomeister’s FAEZ8ERG Series 8 Ergonomic Office Chair is designed to provide long-lasting comfort and efficiency with added back support or cushioning to help you reduce the physical strain that you feel while you work. It even caters to an individual’s unique body shape and structure to ensure you enjoy the optimum benefits that you need.

Here’s a closer look at some key features of the Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG Series 8 Ergonomic Office Chair.


Say goodbye to that weird sticky feeling you often feel after sitting in your chair for a long time as FAEZ8ERG’s Air-Scape Mesh offers 24/7 ventilation which prevents heat from getting trapped between your body and the chair. 

The trademarked Mesh also offers support to all joints by easily conforming to the contours of your body when you sit down. Instead of a soft seat that lacks support, you will be sitting on a firm seat with comfortable support all day with a lesser chance of getting joint aches from potential misalignment.


Our lower backs have a natural concave curve, which is why backrests that are built straight do not provide us with the proper full support we require. Good lumbar support is essential in our chairs as it benefits not just our backs but also our hips, neck, and ears.

The Lumbar+ Extra Response is built into the FAEZ8ERG and offers elastic support which helps to enforce a good posture by filling the gap of the concave. Even though each individual varies in size, Ergomeister’s lumbar support is reactive and adjustable, and fully capable of preventing aches and helping to maintain a good spine posture.


Free your neck from any potential weight burden by ensuring that you keep the back of your head supported comfortably. The FAEZ8ERG head rest is adjustable up to an additional 10cm in height and is also able to be adjusted forward and backward to provide adequate support for heads and necks of all sizes and heights.


The FAE8ERG is reclinable of up to 135 degrees, giving you the ability to achieve a posture similar to standing that is much more comfortable and puts less focus on your body. It is also fully adjustable in height of up to 50mm, up and down, that can provide you with the proper support you need for your entire upper back.


Featuring a ‘waterfall edge’ design, the Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG provides depth adjustable lumbar systems that offer comfort for your legs and thighs. The seat itself can also be raised to your suited height to accommodate the length of your legs, enabling them to rest in a comfortable position while you work.

This also helps to distribute your weight evenly across the seat cushion and improve your sitting posture and spine alignment.



The Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG is available at $899 and can be purchased online from the official Ergomeister site here. Delivery and assembly are free for all purchases.



For more information on the Ergomeister FAEZ8ERG and more, click here.  

All images courtesy of Ergomeister.