IKEA KARISMATISK Gives Everyday Items A Bold, Vibrant And Fabulous Makeover — IKEA Carrier Bag Included

This is one household collection that steers far, far away from your typical minimalist Scandinavian interiors — IKEA has gone the route of the fierce and fabulous, by engaging the aesthetic sense of iconic British fashion and textile designer, Zandra Rhodes. With vibrant prints and the most eclectic colour palette, everything in the KARISMASTISK collection, from the frilled cushions to the wavy mirror and a holographic lamp shade, screams fearless self-expression. It’s so fun, and done with so much personality, that we want in.

Flowers, wiggles and stars are some of Zandra’s iconic motifs that make their way onto more-is-more rugs and cushions, plenty of which also feature abundant ruffles and pleats that up the flamboyant factor. Throughout the series, we see shades of gold and warm pinks contrasted against royal purple and cobalt blue, for an oddly harmonious clash that’d be perfect for those not afraid to use colour.

“My approach to fashion has always been very individual,” shares Rhodes, who also bears bright pink hair and blue eyeshadow as part of her signature personal style. A lauded veteran in the fashion and textile industries for over five decades, she describes the all-frills collection as “functional and fabulous”, while also heightening your living experience thanks to the myriad of eye-catching objects.

“It’s the sort of collection that people can just take one piece of and it can lighten up their lives, or they can take several pieces,” she continues.

Our other highlights include an angular glass vase set of two in candy pink, which creates a “Z” shape when put together, and a trio of hand-tufted rugs modelled after Zandra’s hand-painted flower drawings. A half-moon shaped cushion in gold is an invitation to transform your space too, even if you’re not completely on board with mismatched prints.

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Even IKEA’s standard furniture and everyday items are given the Zandra makeover. Their wave-shaped mirror, a hit for its casual quirkiness, is now etched with an illustration of a woman’s face for a statement piece on your wall. Then, she takes on home storage solutions, along with IKEA’s famous FRAKTA bag as well, completely reimagining it in glorious pink and feminine frills. If you’re all for dressing the home, this one’s a collection you don’t want to skip out on.

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The IKEA KARISMATISK collection, available now at IKEA Tampines and IKEA Alexandra, and online from 11 October 2021, while stocks last. Purchases will be limited to 2 pieces per item per customer.
Find out more at IKEA.SG/KARISMATISK.