The LANEIGE NEO Cushion Gets Even More Stylish With This Maison Kitsuné Collaboration

With its square-like case and easy-on-the-eye pastel colours, the LANEIGE NEO Cushion doesn’t really need a style upgrade — it’s doing perfectly fine garnering all the aesthetic points on its own. Well, that’s what we thought anyway until we saw this latest collaboration.

Now somehow even more stylish, the limited edition NEO Cushion bears the signature fox motifs of Paris fashion brand Maison Kitsuné, across cream-coloured cases and merchandise. These will launch exclusively on 12 October at the LANEIGE Official Store on Lazada, before rolling out to stores and counters from 15 October.

The low-key vibes of the collection is captured by a painterly-style fox illustration, seen in a lounging position and casually accompanied with the words “Hey NEO, Let’s Chillax!”, obviously a keen reminder for us to take a break however we like.

On the NEO Cushion itself, the “Chillax Fox” can be found positioned in three random locations on the matte case, so what you’ll get is a surprise, while the LANEIGE brand name is subtle etched on the outside. Inside, we get the same trusty, lightweight foundation formula as the original in its soft matte finish, a new favourite that’s been lauded for its long-wearing, transfer-proof coverage.

As for the fun series of merchandise, there’s an ecobag, pouch and phone pop socket of the cheeky fox, where the pouch sees a contrasting trim of green against neutral pale beige. These items are not sold separately, and instead offered exclusively with every purchase of the Limited Edition NEO Cushion.

  • Neo Cushion + Ecobag — $99
  • Neo Cushion + pouch — $82 (only available online)
  • Neo Cushion + phone pop socket — $78 (only available online)


The LANEIGE X Maison Kitsuné collection, available exclusively on the LANEIGE Lazada OFFICIAL MALL on 12 October 2021. It will then launch in boutiques and department counters from 15 October 2021.