Makeup Foundations to buy this month! Including Sisley, Dior and Gucci

Foundation is the one makeup product to really get right in your beauty kit. A shade too light or too dark will appear like you’re wearing a mask (horrors!); a texture that’s too light may not even out your complexion, while one that’s too thick will look “cakey”; and worst of all, the wrong formula could make your skin break out! A good foundation, on the other hand, has wonderful skincare ingredients and technology that will not just make your complexion look instantly great, but will improve the appearance and health of it over time — and these new launches here are the ones that have our endorsement.


I’m starting with my favourite out of everything featured here. This little bottle appears unassuming but is full of surprises. The texture is more fluid than the ones below, but not to the point of being drippy or watery. When it touches the skin, it melts in instantly, but can be blended to cover a wide area of skin, so only a little is needed at one time.

On the skin, it feels weightless, but it provides good coverage that evens out skin imperfections and rough texture, but still looks incredibly natural. The finish is velvety, and it achieves the “no makeup” look while still creating a better skin appearance. And over time, the infusion of skincare ingredients will improve the skin’s health. I highly recommend this liquid foundation, especially if you’ve never tried anything from Sisley before. This is a good product to start with.

Sisley phyto-teint nude is priced at $120 (30ml), and will be available in 10 shades from october 2021 at sisley counters.


When I first saw this product, I already had it in my head that it can’t go wrong. Dior foundations are always incredible, and I really love their Capture Totale line of skincare. So for the stem cell technology that’s in Capture Totale’s serum to be infused into the brand’s foundation, it’s really a winning formula.

This liquid foundation is a smooth cream that feels light and airy; it glides on to skin like a satin finish, and evens out the skin tone and texture. The complexion appears instantly more radiant and is softer to the touch. Dior’s research shows that after four weeks of using this serum foundation, the skin improves in radiance (+41%), firmness (+27%), has a more even complexion (+46%), and wrinkles and fine lines are smoother (+54%).

There aren’t a lot of shades available (there are six shades: 1 Neutral, 1 Warm, 2 Neutral, 2 Warm, 3 Neutral, 4 Neutral), so if you can’t find your exact match but still want a foundation from the brand (all Dior foundations are excellent), check out Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation (there are 21 shades on

The Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Serum Foundation is priced at $122 (30ml), and is available at all Dior Beauty boutiques and counters, and online on SEPHORA.SG and


Just like all things Gucci, this is a very pretty cushion. It’s hard not to love the lion head and floral pattern printed on top of the soft pink case, and I can imagine many Gucci fans buying this cushion just for its packaging. Pretty case aside, the cushion’s formula is “juicy” and hydrating; it feels comfortable on the skin, and blends in well resulting in a soft, semi-matte finish. The cushion applicator with a tapered end is a nice touch, as is the inclusion of SPF 22.

The cushion will debut in six shades and the colours appear pretty “light” in the pan, so I would suggest going down to the counter to get advice about the right shade for you. Featured here is shade 2, which appears too light for my skin tone, but it blends in just fine and looks natural once the product settles in.

GUCCI CUSHION DE BEAUTÉ is priced at $102 ($72 for refills), and available at Gucci Beauty counters at Takashimaya, Tangs, BHG and Metro, as well as online at their respective e-stores, and from 16 Sep 2021 at Sephora stores and SEPHORA.SG.


This feels more like a BB cream than a liquid or cream foundation, so if you’re looking for a hybrid skincare / makeup product similar to a tinted moisturiser, then this one’s for you.

The texture is thicker and tackier than the liquid foundations and cushion featured above, but it also feels more hydrating — like a moisturiser. It is exactly as its name implies — comforting. It doubles up as sunscreen too, with SPF50+/PA++++.

A great thing about this cream, is that once it’s absorbed into the skin, it doesn’t transfer to your face mask. As a makeup product, it does a decent job minimising the appearance of pores and fine lines, and brightens up the skin tone making it look healthier. It’s also really affordable for the quality you get (Kose products are excellent, and all made in Japan!), but unfortunately only comes in this one shade.

ESPRIQUE COMFORT MAKEUP CREAM is priced at $36 (35g) and will be available soon at all esprique counters.