Review: Mylo’s, A New Gelato Cafe With Sweet Treats And More, At Gardens By The Bay

If you’re one of those people who’ve taken up cycling or hiking in our abundant green spaces, popping by Singapore’s latest gelato cafe, Mylo’s, is the exact respite you need. Located at Gardens by the Bay, the part right along the Waterfront Promenade, it’s a short walk away from Marina Bay Sands, but manages to stay just far enough to feel like a welcome retreat. And come on, it’s gelato we’re talking about.

Softer, healthier and more flavourful than ice cream, the difficult thing about the dessert is keeping it as fresh and luscious as when it was first churned — which is why we’re glad Mylo’s gets it right by housing over 20 of their seasonal, handcrafted flavours in traditional stainless steel buckets. Called Pozzetti, the metal drums with covered lids maintain the integrity of the gelato by protecting it from the elements within a sealed cold well, and make for a pretty admirable display that feels authentic to the gelato-eating experience.

Photo: Mylo’s.
Photo: Mylo’s.

What’s less traditional though is the atmosphere within the gelato cafe. With vibrant turquoise tiles forming a kind of feature display at the bar counter, along with a hot pink neon Mylo’s sign and pops of yellow scattered tastefully throughout rattan-and-wood furnishings, we get a sense of fun that stands out against its tranquil green environment.

Then again, you’ve invited to take in your serene surroundings too, whether it’s a seat at the alfresco terrace, or indoors too, since Mylo’s features a floor-to-ceiling glasshouse structure that overlooks the Active Garden. Named after Chef Michael Wilson’s darling golden retriever, dog parents would be thrilled to know that the cafe caters to your furry kid, with homemade dog biscuits and pup-friendly popsicles.

Photo: Mylo’s.

And if we’re talking about vibrant flavours, our tasting at Mylo’s just about confirms that they’re full of it — of, basically, all the good stuff, that is. All their gelato is churned onsite, and incorporates only quality ingredients of fresh fruits, nuts, and purees with a proprietary base of French cream and high-quality milk that doesn’t take away from the star ingredients.

There are milk-based options to choose from, as well as refreshing, light-on-the-palate sorbets, some of which are spiked with alcohol. It’s clear that thought has gone into their gelato to achieve utmost quality — an Apple Pie flavour, for instance, blends together every part of the apple pie, from the pie crust to the spiced apples and crumble, for a frozen treat that’s as smooth as you can get. Take a look at some of their menu highlights ahead.

The Gelato

Gelato — Strawberry Tart & Tiramisu ($8 for the double).

For pure research purposes, we had a taste of every single gelato served at Mylo’s on a balmy weekday afternoon, so of course we were spoilt for choice. Our top two picks though — Strawberry Tart and Tiramisu, served as a double scoop ($8) in a cup. You may also opt for a handcrafted cone that’s freshly made in front of you.

While probably the most straightforward way to enjoy your gelato, overall, we were definitely impressed, first, by the sheer number of flavours presented in front of us, and second, by how pure and authentic those flavours are. Strawberry Tart tasted exactly how it should be, which makes sense since the original tart’s components of sable and strawberry puree have been combined with a custard base, with a presence that’s still strongly felt even in smooth gelato form.

The traditional Pozzetti at Mylo’s.

Tiramisu, on the other hand, is a mix of mascarpone, Licor 43 and espresso, with a sprinkling of cacao powder sprinkled on top after it’s been churned. The result is delightful, and though I did miss the textural components of the actual dessert, Mylo’s gelato captures the rich creaminess of tiramisu in a smooth blend that melts right on your tongue.

The Gelato Sandwich

The Gelato Sandwich ($8) ; our table of desserts.

Instead of traditional ice-cream sandwiches or wafers, Mylo’s serves their gelato in between toasted brioche bread, and my, this is a creation you can’t miss. The Gelato Sandwich ($8) uses fluffy brioche that’s topped off with a generous amount of gelato, piled and sculpted on, then put through a hot panini press to get the bread nice and toasted. All this makes for plenty of contrasts right from your first bite, and that intrigue of a cold, soft dessert within warm, crisp toast just keeps you going for more.

Photo: Mylo’s — Gelato Sandwich ($8).

We had ours with the Pistachio gelato, perhaps a classic flavour that Mylo’s wants to get right; instead of artificial flavours, they’ve sourced for pistachio paste all the way from Italy, so we never get a flavour that’s too overpowering on the palate. Instead, the gelato is light and fresh, with lusciously nutty notes.

The Affogato

Their version of the Affogato ($10).

While the menu does offer a more classic affogato, of espresso and vanilla, Mylo’s does their own modern version of the “drowned” Affogato dessert ($10), by putting together their Vanilla and Himalayan Pink Salt gelato with an emulsion of Papa’s Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Honey, then finished with a sprinkle of fennel pollen.

This feels like the type of dessert that’s inspired by the nearby Flower Dome, and we did appreciate the floral and herby notes of the concoction. It is on the sweeter side though, and I personally prefer the strong hit of sharp contrast that an espresso usually provides. But that’s us stuffed with all the desserts we could have at once. For its novelty, and the balanced and more complex flavour it still adds to the regular gelato, you can still give this a shot.

Photo: Mylo’s — Affogato.

As a full-fledged cafe, Mylo’s also provides freshly baked cakes, sandwiches and pastries, including brownies, muffins, and a delectable Lemon Tart ($11). These are served alongside coffee featuring the Throwback Blend by local coffee roasters PPP Coffee, so you’re really getting a full experience here, even if you just walked in to get a single scoop of their gelato.


    • LOCATION: active garden. 18 marina gardens drive, gardens by the bay, #01-01, singapore 018953.
        • 8AM – 8PM, wed – thurs
        • 8am – 1opm, fri – sun
    • prices start at $5 for a single serve of gelato in a cup