The Swatch 1984 Reloaded Watches Feature Old-School Styles, Now Made With Sustainable BIOCERAMIC

What do Prince’s Purple Rain, Madonna’s Like A Virgin, and Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time have in common? These timeless hits all bear the distinction of being top of the music charts in the year 1984, and what do you know, still carry much significance today. Since we’re charting history here, that standout year also happens to be the moment when Swatch entered the Guinness Book of Records, with the construction of a giant watch strapped across their HQ building in Frankfurt — which is why they’re marking this milestone year with a modern-day 1984 Reloaded Collection.

Swatch enters the Guinness Book of Records in 1984, with the construction of a giant watch strapped across the HQ in Frankfurt.
Swatch 1984 collection.

The brand updates classic, archival designs — which already feature plenty of old-school charm — now with responsible materials. The collection of five watches all feature the use of BIOCERAMIC, a proprietary mix of ceramic and bio-sourced plastic derived from castor oil, for a lightweight material that’s durable, strong, and able to withstand everyday wear. As a bonus, the straps and loops also feel soft and powdery when gracing your arm.

If we’re talking details, there’s plenty to observe here. The New Gent and Gent watches feature energetic pops of yellow, red and black, not unlike MJ’s chart-topping hit Thriller, with graphic designs on the dial. You might recognise certain iconic motifs from the worlds of race cars and scuba diving, on a speedometer-like dial and glow-in-the-dark watch hands for instance, or be enticed by the industrial Memphis design movement, a popular aesthetic choice of the 80s that’s seen in the white and grey watch designs.


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