The Best Oat Milks For Your Coffee — Dairy-Free, Plant-Based Options Made For Home Baristas

Plant-based foods have become more of a reality these days, with our increasing awareness towards sustainability — and switching to plant-based milks, such as almond or soy, is often considered a small change we can make towards a more conscious lifestyle.

King of them all though has to be oat milk, now a popular alternative at even mainstream coffee chains, where you can easily ask for an oat milk latte. When paired with coffee, it gives a wholesome, nutty aroma to your drink, which tends to go with Singaporeans’ preference for more full-bodied, less acidic coffee blends. It’s even a preferred choice from a sustainability point of view. According to a BBC report, oat milk produces relatively few greenhouse gases, and requires much less land and water in its production process compared to dairy milk.

We tried MILKLAB’s Oat Milk at their recent launch event.

If you’re thinking about recreating that cafe experience at home though, major brands have also come up with ‘barista edition’ alternatives. These oat milks are designed to froth and behave like dairy does, so you can achieve a nice whipped texture on top of your espresso coffee. The difference is this: they’ve optimised the right amount of fat content so that the bubbles don’t break during the frothing process, while the oat milk can maintain a more stable form that doesn’t immediately dissipate when served.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up a bunch of trusted brands, with ‘barista edition’ oat milks in their line-up.


Already a household name when it comes to plant-based milks, the Swedish brand has actually been around for about 30 years, since its humble beginnings in Sweden. According to the brand, it’s special due to their patented enzyme technology that “copies nature’s own process and turns fibre rich oats into nutritional liquid food that is perfectly designed for humans”.

For their Barista Edition, the oat milk contains 3% fat that allows it to froth up nicely, while many have lauded their blend for its rich but lighter-bodied feel.. Not too sweet or overly heavy, skilled home baristas are able to create beautiful latte art with it as well. Personally, we were delighted with the lightly whipped texture the oat milk is able to create, as well as the natural taste of oats that doesn’t feel as overwhelming compared to soy or almond milks. Read here for our full review of their plant-based milks, including the Barista Edition.

$7.20 for 1L, Available at Lazada.


MILKLAB recently found its way to our shores, and as Australia’s most popular barista milk, they’re primed to be a strong contender in the scene, especially if you like pairing your oat milks with coffee. Famous already for their almond milk ever since the brand was established in 2015, the oat milk variant was developed over two years while working with some of the world’s best coffee professionals, and is made to blend perfectly with espresso coffee, across both hot and cold beverages. Their formula is also made from 100% Australian oats, and contains 10% oat content, which is currently the highest concentration of oat content in the market.

When served with coffee, we can attest to its claims of a rich and creamy mouthfeel. The texture of the frothed oat milk tastes very similar to that of full-cream dairy, and with a subtle sweetness and slightly nutty taste that’s pleasant on the tongue. From our experience, they’ve also got just enough fat content for a truly stable formula that holds its own — the oat milk is able to stretch when frothed, and maintain a structure that doesn’t easily break, even while I was taking longer than usual to photograph my ready cup of coffee.

$6.90, available at ntuc FAIRPRICE.


As you can probably tell from its packaging, the London-based brand presents a quirky image that’s appealing to younger consumers, and is often found at hipster coffee joints that serve up well-balanced, worth-your-money artisanal coffee. The brand’s founders label themselves as “an unlikely mob of painters, jazz musicians, basketball players and barbers”, with a common love for specialty coffee, hence Minor Figures’ cult following amongst the in-crowd, who are proud to flaunt their 100% vegan products.

Made specifically for specialty coffee, Minor Figures‘ Oat Milk is formulated by baristas, for baristas, and therefore doesn’t skimp on quality. The goal here is to perfectly complement any roast profile or origin so you taste the true characteristics of your espresso shot, which is why many find their oat milk most pleasant since it doesn’t overpower or compete with the original notes of the coffee. The texture of its silky micro-foam just completes your coffee-drinking experience.


$7, available at lazada via ppp coffee.


This New Zealand-based brand has been gaining traction for how it incorporates 100% Kiwi oats across their products, where the quality ingredient has benefitted from the country’s rich soil, fresh rainwater, and optimal amount of sun that makes for ideal growing conditions for the oat crop. Complete with sustainable farming practices, from the farm all the way to our kitchen counter, the brand goes the extra milk in making sure that every part of the process is accounted for, in order to boast true sustainable claims.

Many laud Otis‘ Oat Milk for its thick and creamy consistency, where the Barista blend features a frothy finish, though it tastes just as good on its own, on cereal, and in smoothies as well. The milk is further fortified with Calcium, D2, Riboflavin and B12, on top of dietary fibre, so you can feel better about your daily morning brew.

$6.95, available at ntuc fairprice and COLD STORAGE.