The CHANEL LES BEIGES Foundation — Tried And Tested By 4 Models On Their Off-Duty Days

We always talk about the model off-duty look, but what does that really mean? From Gigi Hadid to Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski, they’re known for their casual style when off the runways, so something as simple as skinny jeans and a white t-shirt is an instant classic. The most aspirational part though — which explains why we’re so taken by the trend — is exuding that effortless “just woke up like that” charm, which is something that this CHANEL foundation does very well too.

Take it from us, CHANEL’s LES BEIGES Healthy Glow Foundation is one of our go-tos for a natural, fresh, and weightless finish — and to truly put it to the test, we invited 4 models from Basic Models to share their first-hand experience of the product.

First, more on the liquid foundation. Cushions are a popular and convenient option these days, but liquid formulas have never let us down, especially when it comes to a seamless and natural finish that adheres to the skin for all-day wear. The CHANEL LES BEIGES foundation is one that glides on like silk, and feels so lightweight you can barely sense it’s on — at the same time, light-reflecting powders and pigments give the appearance of smoother, evened-out skin, all with a radiant glow that looks like you spent some healthy time in the sun. In other words: effortless.

There are 25 shades in total as well, which cater to fair, light, medium light and medium skin tones, as well as your undertones, for a foundation shade that closely matches your complexion.

To find your shade, start by referring to the digits of the shade numbers for your skin tone (B20 / B40), followed by the letters, which indicate either a natural Beige (B) undertone, warm Beige Doré (BD), or rosy Beige Rosé (BR).  Most beauty advisors also recommend picking three shades closest to your skin tone, then swatching them down the side of the face to blend; the one that seems to disappear into your skin is your ideal shade.

Read on to hear what our four models have to say about the foundation — and how they managed to nail true off-duty model looks.

Diamerlyn Lee (@diamerlyn)


“This is my first time testing out anything from the CHANEL Les Beiges collection, and so far I’m loving the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation!

The texture of the foundation is really lightweight. Although the coverage is light, it evens out my skin tone and gives it a filter-like effect. I love my freckles! It adds personality to my face. So I love that this foundation allows me to flaunt them while still correcting my uneven skin tone around my eyes and nose. It is basically my skin but better!”

“This foundation gives off a soft, glowy finish. It was a little oily to the touch when I first applied it, but eventually settled nicely onto my skin. Whenever I was feeling a little oily throughout the day, I tapped my face down with a tissue. To my surprise, there was very little transfer! I also found that even after some light powdering, the glow still shines through.

Overall, this foundation is perfect for days when I just want to look fresh and effortless, as opposed to wearing a full-coverage foundation that might end up looking cakey in our tropical climate. This will definitely be my new go-to lightweight foundation!”

Melanie Jane Fernandez (@melaniejanefernandez)

IN SHADE bd71.

“The foundation is really lightweight and feels just like skin. This is great because I really don’t like the feeling of having heavy makeup. It’s ideal for everyday use! The consistency is more to the watery side, and I would say it’s of a light coverage that can definitely be built up to medium coverage.”

“I always apply sunscreen before my foundation. Most foundations don’t sit well over sunscreen as they tend to flake and change to a more dull greyish tone — however, the CHANEL Les Beiges foundation was especially great here because the sunscreen doesn’t affect the application at all!”

Dominique Schleider (@dominique.schleider)


“The CHANEL Les Beiges foundation certainly lived up to the description of “healthy glow”. As soon as I put it on, the subtle shimmer brightened up my complexion and made me look more awake and more alive. Shade B30 blended with my skin effortlessly— something very hard to come by with foundations. In fact, it did so well at evening out everything, from redness to dark circles, that it saved me precious minutes while getting ready by letting me skip color correction and concealer.”

“Though it was quick to put on, it lasted a long time; when I went to take it off at night, it looked as good as when I left in the morning. On top of looks, it felt great. Refreshing. Cool. Light. Its texture, and the way it made my skin smooth, made it feel more like a skincare product rather than makeup. I wanted to lay it on thick because of how nice it was, yet I refrained because it is certainly worth treasuring every drop.”

Lidiya Pervak (@lidiya.pervak)

in shade B20.

“This foundation blends seamlessly into my skin, leaving a glowing, skin-like finish. I love how light it feels, as if I’m not wearing anything at all! It wears super well throughout the day, with minimal transfer onto my mask. A great product for someone who wants a medium coverage foundation that doesn’t cake your skin.”


CHANEL LES BEIGES Healthy Glow Foundation, $90. In 25 shades, available at CHANEL Beauty & Fragrance boutiques, and online at