The New PANDORA ME Collection Is The Jewellery Brand’s Most Versatile Series Ever

Gone are the days when Pandora bracelets were simply associated with whimsical and romantic charms, the perfect anniversary gifts. Don’t get us wrong, the crystal pavé and intricate openwork detail on their exquisite charms are still a core part of the brand — just, the cool-kid charm and limitless styling options presented to us in the latest Pandora ME collection happens to be that much more appealing to us.

With a nod towards the individuality and creativity of Gen Z style mavens, it’s time to rethink classic Pandora. Present in the Pandora ME collection is a whole host of refreshed carriers, basically the ways we can wear our charms, this time with bracelets made up of link chains. These are sleek and stylish with an edgy aesthetic, and does away with Pandora’s usual ball clasp for a street-style carabiner clasp.

Musician Charli XCX in Pandora ME.

On top of sterling silver and 14k rose gold-plated styles, the jewellery brand is also introducing two new base styles — the first, a ruthenium-plated style that’s in a darker unisex tone, and second, a mixed-styled bracelet paired with freshwater pearls.

above: Pandora ME Link Chain Bracelet with Large Link Chains, in Sterling Silver ($149) ; 14k Rose Gold-Plated ($329) ; Ruthenium-Plated ($179) ; Freshwater Cultured Pearls ($279).


Top Row: pandora me Light Me Up Medallion ($89) ; Double Link in Electric Blue ($49) ; Peace Word Link ($89) ; Double Links in Matte Black ($49) ; The Eye Medallion ($69) ; dream Word Link ($89).

You’re also free to change it up with a range of styling accents — and here’s where it gets fun. It’s not just charms that we get to play around with, though oversized medallions still make a fun appearance alongside mini dangles of smileys and a fire icon inspired by emojis.

Add contrast to your jewellery by playing on texture — matte links for subtlety or pavé for bling — or opting for vivid colours including purple, electric blue and black. There are even Styling Word Links as well, where you can pick a statement piece that resonates most with your beliefs. Round connectors make a subtle but elevated difference to the more angular links, and allow you to stack even more medallions and mini dangles, depending on your mood.

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Elsewhere, we’re getting a range of other carrier styles, notably Link Chain Necklaces, Hoop Link and Link Earrings, and a Styling Ring Connector. Similar to the bracelets, you get to play around with all manner of charms, links, and other add-ons, which you can connect or disconnect for various shapes and lengths. In particular, the Ring Connector allows the Pandora ME rings to be stacked and paired with other accents — here, we suggest adding one of those mini dangle charms for a trendy twist.

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PANDORA ME collection, prices from $29. available at all Pandora stores and online at