Impossible Pork Is Here in SG — Here Are 7 Places Where You Can Try The Plant-Based Meat Alternative

You’ve heard of Impossible Beef. Now, joining the family of plant-based meats, is the all-new Impossible Pork. Designed to satisfy pork-meat lovers, Impossible Pork features a mild savoury flavour with balanced umami richness that does not give a gamey or overpowering taste. It can be served in any ground meat dish that is cooked in a variety of ways, such as meatballs, dumplings, tacos, spring rolls, and even xiao long bao.

As it is made from plants, Impossible Pork is far more sustainable than its actual meat counterpart. When compared with traditional pork from pigs, Impossible Pork uses 81% less water, 66% less land and generates 77% less greenhouse gas emissions based on the ISO’s conforming Life Cycle Assessment. It is also certified gluten-free and contains no nitrates or animal hormones.

Impossible Pork. (Image courtesy of Impossible Foods)

What might probably be one of its appealing traits is the nutritional benefits of Impossible Pork. If you swapped out real pork for a serving of Impossible Pork, you will be enjoying your meal guilt-free with no cholesterol, fewer calories, less total fat, less saturated fat and more than double the iron of actual pork meat. 

Of course, it is hard to be entirely sold on the idea of going cold turkey on traditional pork meat. To help ease you into the concept of plant-based pork meat, Impossible has teamed up with over 120 restaurant outlets in Singapore to introduce you to the Impossible Pork across a diverse spread of cuisines.

Here’s a look at 7 places that serve Impossible Pork dishes on their menu.


Impossible Carbonara ai Peperoni ($22) and the Mediterranean Impossible Pork Pie ($14). (Image courtesy of Da Paolo Gastronomia)

Enjoy a plant-based pork adventure at Da Paolo Gastronomia with the Impossible Carbonara ai Peperoni ($22), a spicy creamy sauce pasta made with Impossible Pork, or a Mediterranean Impossible Pork Pie ($14.90) stuffed with Impossible Pork ragù and topped with a puff pastry top. 


Impossible Original Dumplings ($8 for 5 pieces) and the Impossible Sichuan Noodles ($8). (Image courtesy of Dumpling Darlings)

Known for their inventive dumplings and noodles, Dumpling Darlings are taking on the Impossible Pork challenge with the Impossible Original Dumplings ($8 for 5 pieces) and the Impossible Sichuan Noodles ($8). The dumplings come filled with Impossible Pork, ginger soy sauce, cured Napa cabbage and black vinegar while the Sichuan noodles come paired with Impossible Pork, soy tare, sofrito, fried shallot, spring onion, nori, sesame, and a hanjuku egg.


Impossible Bak Kwa, $12 for 150g. (Image courtesy of Fragrance)

After two and a half years of research and development, Fragrance is proud to present their Impossible Bak Kwa ($12 for 150g) — the very first traditional Bak Kwa made with Impossible Pork. You can now enjoy this snack guilt-free while reducing your environmental footprint!


Crispy Cheesy Impossible Pork Ball ($26) and the Impossible Pork Cheesecake ($19). (Image courtesy of Moonbow)

Nestled in the heart of Dempsey Hill, Moonbow is known for its menu of Asian-influenced Modern European cuisine, which will see the addition of two new Impossible Pork dishes — the Crispy Cheesy Impossible Pork Ball ($26) and the Impossible Pork Cheesecake ($19). The first features an Impossible Pork ball filled with mozzarella cheese served with tomato coulis while the second is a unique cheesecake inspired by a current Moonbow-favourite using Impossible Pork for the interesting blend of sweet and savoury.


Impossible Katsu Burger, $29.50. (Image courtesy of PS.Cafe)

Enjoy your burger without the calorie-worry at PS.Cafe, with their Impossible Katsu Burger ($29.50). The panko-crumbed Impossible Pork patty is served layered with PS.Cafe’s special miso katsu sauce, kaffir lime, chilli and cabbage slaw, which are all sandwiched between freshly toasted buns brushed with hot English mustard.


Tim Ho Wan’s Impossible Pork creations. (Image courtesy of Tim Ho Wan)

The best way to try many Impossible Pork dishes at once is to have your fill of dim sum. As part of their wide selection, Tim Ho Wan has created four Impossible Pork dishes for you to enjoy, starting with the limited time special, the Steamed Impossible Pork Teochew Crystal Dumplings, served complimentary with a minimum order of $40, now till 1 December 2021. 

Subsequently, starting 2 December, Tim Ho Wan will be introducing the remaining three Impossible Pork dishes — the Pan-fried Impossible Pork Pickled Mustard Greens Dumplings, Steamed Impossible Pork Mushroom and Chives Bun, and the Deep-fried Impossible Sesame Balls (pricing available only in December) — to the menu. 


Braised Beancurd with Minced Impossible Pork ($13 for half portion, $26 for full portion). (Image courtesy of TungLok Signatures)

Does Impossible Pork work with traditional Chinese cuisine? TungLok Signatures has taken on the challenge with not one but four inventive Impossible Pork dishes, namely the Crispy Impossible Pork served with Pancake and Fresh Fruits ($12.80 per pax), the Braised Beancurd with Minced Impossible Pork ($13 for half portion, $26 for full portion), the Claypot Rice with Minced Impossible Pork ($12.80 per pax), and the Impossible Cracker ($12), of crispy fried Impossible Pork slices with spice seasoning.


For more information on where you can find the Impossible Pork, click here.

Header image courtesy of Dumpling Darlings, PS. Cafe and Moonbow.