KrisShop Just Unveiled A Collector-Worthy Singapore Airlines Limited Edition Poker Set

You might not get the hype of Singapore Airlines-branded game sets, but someone you know is probably a fan. Just look at the last time our celebrated carrier unveiled a set of Mahjong Tiles — they were sold out in less than two weeks. So, behold the next coveted item in the pipeline: the Singapore Airlines Limited Edition Poker Set.

Launching today at KrisShop and available for pre-order exclusively for KrisFlyer members, and then a month later for everyone else, this luxurious set features the unique Singapore Airlines batik motif, and falls under the Batik Label by KrisShop line of lifestyle products.

Your experience starts with an exquisite box shaped like an aircraft window, with an ornate batik print embossed across its surface. Open it up, and you’ll find even more of the batik print, inspired by Singapore’s native flowers, now across playing cards, poker chips and a dice shaker, in iconic shades of navy blue and gold. Alongside the floral motif, you might be able to spot several travel and aircraft-related design elements as well, including distinctive aircraft emblems in each suit.

Singapore Airlines Limited Edition Poker Set, $318
Singapore Airlines Limited Edition Poker Set, $318

Here are all the items in this exclusive poker set:

    • 2 Bespoke Poker Decks
    • 1 Dice Shaker
    • 6 Gold Aluminium Dice
    • 1 Dealer / Player Button
    • Blind Buttons (One Big and One Small)
    • 350 Poker Chips (100 Gold, 100 Blue, 50 Purple, 50 Red, 50 Green)
Non-Slip Poker Mat, $59

For those who’d like a full suite, so to speak, there’s also a non-slip Neoprene poker mat you can add on to the set, one with matching batik motifs and a rubber-lined bottom. If you’re already shelling out over the $300 for the poker set, you’ll probably want to go all-in, especially if you are — or know — an avid poker player.


The Singapore Airlines Limited Edition Poker Set will only be available for pre-order, with deliveries from 15 december 2021.
pre-orders open exclusively to KrisFlyer members from now to 15 December 2021, at thereafter, pre-orders will be available to all shoppers.