A New Swatch x You Collection Features Snoopy And The Peanuts Gang On Watches You Can Customise

Snuggle up to a cosy collection by Swatch, who have rounded up the Peanuts gang, once again, in their latest holiday collaboration. Adding on to the existing line of six watches, launched earlier in November, this new drop allows you to create your own personalised Swatch X You watches with three digital designs that feature the lovable, enduring characters of Charles M. Schulz, most notably pop culture icons such as Snoopy, Woodstock, and good ol’ Charlie Brown.

Here’s a look at both collections —

NEW: Swatch X You — Peanuts edition

Similar to their National Day launch this year, Swatch X You is an innovative concept that invites you to create your own customised timepiece. Over at the Swatch website, you get to select a section of the canvas you’d like to feature on the watch, by moving left, right, up, down, or even rotating the canvas so your favourite elements fall within the watch template.

You may also select your choice of mechanism and indexes, or add a personal message on the back of the case, before picking it up at the Swatch store or having your watch delivered to your home.

For Swatch x Peanuts, the brand has specially commissioned digital works that celebrate Snoopy and the Peanuts gang, of three joyful canvases that bring out the imaginative spirit of the original comic strips.

A fun design that sees the Peanuts gang in many amusing scenarios — including Lucy balancing Woodstock on top of her head, Linus and his trusty blanket, Charlie Brown asleep, Snoopy on top of a stepladder, and more.
Featuring Snoopy and his little yellow sidekick, Woodstock, the canvas is split into four vertical parts — two monochrome sections feature Snoopy in various sleeping and standing states, while the others see Woodstock and pops of yellow.
Four colourful sections of Snoopy and friends, with the ‘time is what you make of it’ text bubble as a playful nod too.
Swatch X you special edition peanuts digital designs, $186 per watch. available ONLINE for a limited time only.


DROP 1: Swatch x Peanuts

An earlier drop in November sees the Peanuts characters all over classic Gent and New Gent Swatch models, which take plenty of inspiration from original Peanuts comic strips. For the six designs in this Swatch x Peanuts collection, you’ve got bright colours and witty details those familiar with the watch brand would love to discover — a baseball and catcher glove can be found on the First Base watch hands, for instance.

The Peanuts logo is seen across the loops of the silicone bracelet watches as well, while their glass and cases are made from biosourced materials, surely a nod to their commitment towards sustainability.

L – R: First Base ($149), Smak! ($149), Grande Bracchetto ($127).
L – R: Pow Wow ($149), HeeHeeHee ($149), Klunk! ($127).

If you like to see the Peanuts crew all huddled together, go for Smak!, a retro-style New Gent watch that features a complete comic strip from the 60s; First Base, on the other hand, gathers the gang together with a cute homage to your friendly neighbourhood baseball team.

Fans of Lucy’s spunky personality would like Klunk!, a dynamic design in red and blue, while Charlie Brown’s also given his own design in a yellow-themed piece that showcases his many mishaps and guises. Of course, popular character Snoopy gets his own watches too — Grande Bracchetto captures his many alter egos, while HeeHeeHee is a more minimalist blue design that also features a puzzled Woodstock.

See the full collection here —

Top Row, L – R: Klunk! ($127), Grande Bracchetto ($127), Pow Wow ($149). Bottom Row, L – R: HeeHeeHee ($149), First Base ($149), Smak! ($149).
Top Row, L – R: Klunk! ($127), Grande Bracchetto ($127), Pow Wow ($149). Bottom Row, L – R: HeeHeeHee ($149), First Base ($149), Smak! ($149).
Swatch X Peanuts, available ONLINE and in Swatch stores.