Moist Diane’s ‘Diane Be True’ Haircare Series Of Vegan Formulas Is Their Most Eco-Friendly Range Yet

These days, we expect a lot from the things we buy — with good reason. From sustainable activewear, to refillable beauty items, being mindful about our purchases go a long way in caring for our precious planet and home, by reducing waste and our strain on Earth’s resources. No wonder eco-friendly practices are starting to become more common in the beauty industry, and here’s one worthy of celebration: Moist Diane‘s latest Diane Be True haircare series.

As Japan’s No.1 silicone-free shampoo brand, the reigning authority has come up with a new cruelty-free, eco-friendly series of shampoos and treatments made with ethically- and sustainably-sourced ingredients. It’s not very often that we come across such ranges among drugstore brands, so you could say that Moist Diane’s quite the pioneer among their peers.

The series also features their first-ever vegan formulations, formulated without animal testing of course, and as an added bonus, all items are packed in bottles made from 96% recycled plastic, true to their strong commitment towards products that are kinder to our environment.


On top of that, we also hear that their formulas consist of more than 90% natural extracts, of organic superfood ingredients such as Avocado, Basil, Quinoa, and Kale. If you’re not already convinced, read on as we delve into some of Diane Be True‘s most sustainable practices and ingredients, and figure out which haircare range is most suitable to help you achieve healthy, beautiful hair.


#1 — it uses vegan keratin.

Keratin shouldn’t be an unfamiliar word if you know your haircare, but just in case, this essential ingredient is a type of structural protein that makes up our hair, skin, and nails. It’s commonly used in shampoos and treatments to strengthen hair, resulting in full, luscious, and shiny tresses. Most keratin is derived from animals though — making Moist Diane’s version quite special.

Their Vegan Keratin is made by upcycling green pea shells, that would’ve otherwise been discarded, then infused with organic oils in order to replenish our natural hair keratin, that’s sometimes lost due to damage from heat styling and external aggressors. Some of the key oils here include Organic Almond Oil and Organic Prickly Pear (Cactus) Oil. This unique blend then repairs our hair, giving hair follicles the essential nutrients and deep nourishment they need to be as healthy as possible.

#2 — it contains two key sustainable ingredients — organic prickly pear, and upcycled rose water. 

More on the sustainable front, and this time, it’s not just what we include, but where we’re getting our key ingredients from. The first thing you must know is that the Diane Be True derives its Organic Prickly Pear (Cactus) Oil from Morocco, which supports the country’s Green Moroccan Plan.

This initiative aims to increase regional economic growth and the income of local Moroccan farmers, making sure that they’re not exploited for their hard work, while promoting the long-term sustainability of the agricultural sector. Good eco-friendly practices are favoured during the production process too, and this includes reusing strained prickly pear lees as fertiliser, thus ensuring zero production wastage. When used in our haircare products, the antioxidant-rich ingredient helps soothe the scalp and strengthen hair from its roots.

As for the Rose Water used in the Diane Be True series, they’re committed to using upcycled Rose Water, via technology that re-extracts a fragrance agent from roses after distillation. This makes a huge difference since the typical fragrance extraction process is a long and arduous process that requires a lot of energy and raw materials in order to yield a small amount of fragrance oils. By rethinking the way their rose scent is derived, Moist Diane ensures that they can keep to their eco-friendly commitment while still yielding rose water of the most alluring scent, one reminiscent of sweet apricot and honey.

#3 — it’s in line with clean beauty practices, and is additive-free and cruelty-free.

While we do hear these terms used rather freely these days, they’re still important things to look out for if you’re opting for a more sustainable haircare range. ‘Additive-free’ means the products are free of animal-derived products, silicone*, sulfate, paraben, ethanol, phthalate and mineral oil.

For ‘cruelty-free’, it means that the brand does not carry out animal experiments during any part of the product development and manufacturing stages, and are committed to using alternative testing methods for ingredient safety. Both vegans and environmentally-conscious folks would appreciate these practices.

*shampoo only

#4 — it uses sustainable product packaging made from recycled plastic. 

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), about 300 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced every year, which then accumulate either in landfills or as litter in our natural environment. In the face of such worrying numbers, and in order to reduce the use of virgin plastic and cut down on plastic pollution, Moist Diane has opted for shampoo and treatment bottles made from 96% Recycled Plastic, so we can indeed be kinder to Mother Earth.


Now that you’re up to date on how the Diane Be True series is as eco-friendly as possible, it’s time you picked a range that’s right for you. Here, we have two ranges to address different hair concerns — HEALTHY Damage Repair, and RELAX Smooth Repair. Also good to know: they are made with 90% Natural and Organic Extracts, such as Kale, Quinoa, Basil, and Avocado.

HEALTHY Damage Repair
Recommended for people with:
– Hair prone to breakage
– Dry scalp
– Dull hair

This HEALTHY range contains superfoods Organic Basil and Avocado, both of which contain incredible restorative properties. Avocado is rich in fatty acids and nutrients, ensuring that the shampoo and treatment are able to deeply nourish hair from within the core. They products are vital to repairing dry and damaged hair, which may have resulted from chemical or heat treatments, hair dye included.

At the same time, Basil’s anti-inflammatory benefits ensure that your scalp is properly cared for, by helping to sooth sensitive scalps which then leads to healthy hair growth and hair that is resilient and strong against breakage.

RELAX Smooth Repair
Recommended for people with:
– Wavy/curly hair
– Oily scalp
– Frizzy hair

The RELAX range, on the other hand, is all for smooth and tangle-free hair, thanks to nourishing superfoods Kale and Quinoa. The first ingredient, Kale, is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; these boost hydration levels while helping tame frizz. Vitamins A, C, and K, as well as Kale extracts, further improve scalp health, resulting in all kinds of benefits such as hair growth and healthy hair.

For Quinoa, the whole grain is a good source of protein and fibre, while also being rich in amino acids and Vitamin E. These ensure that is promotes radiant and tangle-free hair, so you may enjoy smooth, shiny hair.


Interested to try the Diane Be True Series? Redeem a sample at
MOIST DIANE ‘Diane Be True’ range, $14.90 each for the shampoo and treatment (400ml). Available at Watsons, FairPrice, Don Don Donki, SHOPEE, and LAZADA.