Review: Nothing ear (1) Earbuds with a transparent case that lets you see the electronics inside

Above: Nothing ear(1) in white and black editions. Photo courtesy Nothing.

Nothing earbuds are instantly cool because of the transparent casing — and I’m not referring to the case that the earbuds come in; the earbuds themselves have transparent stems that let you see through to the electronics, almost like seeing the skeleton of it. I really do like the transparent design and it works well for both the black and white versions. The new all-black design was recently released clearly to cater to those who like their gadgets black. It’s a smoky finish with matte black silicone earbuds and internal casing —it’s a very sleek and stunning design that sets this pair apart from other brands of earbuds.

Above: Nothing ear(1) sits comfortably and secure in the ear. Photo courtesy Nothing.

They feel secure sitting in the ear and are very comfortable. I have to hand it to them, these guys got the ergonomics right; it doesn’t feel like they are about to drop out anytime unlike many other brands of earbuds I’ve tried.

There’s no “R” and “L” label on the actual earbuds and I would have preferred the designers put these in. Although when you pluck the earbuds from the case, it’s quite evident which side is which (eg. the one on the right is for the right ear), but it’s really when I hold them in my hand after taking them out and they get mixed up, that I have to figure the sides out.

Above: Nothing ear(1) black edition. The earbuds are extremely light at just 4.7g.

The sound is bassy and clear, and good for its price. At $179, it costs substantially less than the new AirPods 3rd Generation (which is $269), and offers a different quality of sound as well. It’s not worse than the AirPods — just different. The AirPods 3rd Generation sounds more “open” (it has an open fit design after all, which does make audio clearer and “live”), but Nothing does a really good job of blocking out external noises with its Active Noise Cancelling function, and in that sense, the audio sounds more immersive and full.

There’s an app you can download for iOS and Android that allows you to control settings such as equalisers and gestures, plus other features such as Find My Earbud, In-Ear Detection, Fast Pairing and more.

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Above: Nothing ear(1) black edition with box packaging.

Above: Nothing ear(1) black edition in case.

Above: Nothing ear(1) black edition in case.
Nothing ear(1) black edition is priced at $179 and available on LAZADA. For more info, visit SG.NOTHING.TECH.