A Closer Look At The New Jewellery Pieces In CHANEL’s 2022 COCO CRUSH Collection

By now, you would’ve seen these pictures of CHANEL’s House ambassador, JENNIE, all over the brand’s social media campaigns. And why not? The BLACKPINK member looks as sophisticated in ever, decked in the now-iconic quilted motifs of their COCO CRUSH collection.

2022’s series of fine jewellery pieces — in beige gold, yellow gold, and white gold — are to be coveted indeed. Just like its previously-launched timeless classics, the new necklace, hoop earrings, and fully-paved diamond ring bear a quilted design most recognisable on the house’s 2.55 handbag. On the jewellery, this is interpreted via rounded surfaces that are polished and set by hand, so they catch the light in the most flattering way possible.


Here’s a look at the three new designs introduced:

The COCO CRUSH Necklace, from $7,700.

The “C” in this stands for CHANEL, of course, in a necklace with a pendant inspired by the iconic initial letter of the House, done in a chunky quilted motif set with a brilliant-cut diamonds in the centre. Available in BEIGE GOLD, yellow gold or white gold set with a diamond.

The COCO CRUSH Hoop Earrings, from $7,750.

Looking like an enlarged version of the slimmer COCO CRUSH rings, though in an open “C” shape, you can now wear that quilted motif on your ears. Medium-sized hoop earrings have been trending for a while now, so we’re glad that there’s a CHANEL version to consider. Available in BEIGE GOLD, yellow gold or white gold set with diamonds.

The COCO CRUSH Pavé Diamond Ring,  $20,000. 

The most luxurious of the lot, the pavé ring is in white gold and comes fully paved with diamonds using the technique of snow setting; this sees stones of varying diameters, carefully selected then positioned randomly so it looks as naturalistic as possible, with the feel of sunshine sparkling on snow.

See all the current designs available in the COCO CRUSH collection here —