‘Attack on Titan: The Exhibition’ Will Debut At Singapore’s ArtScience Museum In February

Levi stan or not, anime fans would agree with this: it’s in our very biased opinion that Attack on Titan is one of the best manga — and anime — series in modern times. Many critics concur as well, as do droves of fans who’d wax lyrical about its themes of perseverance and hope amidst the harshest of adversities, tackled by writer and illustrator Hajime Isayama with equal parts darkness and light. Well, we’re all in for a treat now.

The world of Shingeki no Kyojin, as the title is known in Japanese, will be even closer to us with the debut of ‘Attack on Titan: The Exhibition’, opening at the ArtScience Museum on 19 February 2022.

With a poster that hilariously juxtaposes an image of the Colossus Titan lording over the museum’s facade, hardcore and casual fans alike can expect a visual introduction to Isayama’s dark dystopian world where “humanity’s existence is threatened by gigantic humanoids”, or Titans. The showcase features key characters as well as the author’s artistic vision and world-building process.

Organised by SPACElogic, Attack on Titan: The Exhibition‘s premiere at the ArtScience Museum couldn’t be more timely — it’s showing just as the anime’s latest season, The Final Season Part 2,  debuts on Netflix this month.

Its launch also marks the first time the exhibition has travelled overseas in its latest form. Compared to earlier iterations across Japan from 2014 and 2015, we’re now privy to new, never-before-displayed artwork and content from the final chapters of the manga, for a total of over 180 artworks by Hajime Isayama.

These detail his artistic process, as well as include drafts and sketches from his archives, which have been collated from every major moment across the past decade. Early concept drawings and storyboards, with dialogue handwritten by Isayama himself, are present as well.

Visitors entering the exhibition will have the option of picking a route and starting their journey as someone born inside or outside the walls.
The exhibition features panels from the manga as well.

One highlight of the exhibition? We’ll get to immerse ourselves in an animated battle sequence set in The Great Titan Theatre, as well as admire displays of Titans, characters, and objects from the manga.

And while the highly-raved manga has officially concluded its 11-year publication run last year, the long-standing series is as popular as ever. After all, this one’s a stunning piece of dystopian fiction that has expanded well beyond its original premise of man-eating Titans, and we’re here for every behind-the-scenes detail.

“The series has come to an end, but I’m not sure if everyone here is thinking ‘I am glad I have been reading this’. However, my feelings have not changed,” said creator Hajime Isayama. “Today, I hope you enjoy Attack on Titan: The Exhibition and I would be happy if you continue to immerse yourself in the world of Attack on Titan and engage with the characters as you like.”

The next zone invites you into the world of Titans, and features iconic characters such as Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Reiner, and Erwin.
At The Great Titan Theatre, where you can immerse yourself in a battle that unfolds across a 10-metre screen.

“Launching this exhibition as Attack on Titan‘s latest episodes reach our screens couldn’t be more timely. At first glance, Hajime Isayama’s science fiction world may seem remote to the reality we live in now. However, if we dig deeper into Attack on Titan, themes like hope and perseverance emerge as common threads. We also witness the resilience and resourcefulness of the characters as they overcome the consequences of an epidemic in their own world,” added Honor Harger, Vice President of Attractions, Marina Bay Sands.

“Stories such as Attack on Titan provide many of us with a sense of escapism, but they can also remind us of our humanity and courage when facing difficult circumstances.”

Draft sketches by Hajime Isayama with comments from his editor at Kodansha.

As an added bonus, Attack on Titan fans will also be able to buy exclusive merchandise at the exhibition store, and pose with their favourite characters and Titans at a photobooth.


Attack on Titan: The Exhibition will run from 19 February to 3 July 2022.

Tickets available for purchase from 20 January at all Marina Bay Sands box offices and online. Ticket prices are as follows: 

    • Adult — $18 (Singapore Resident); $21 (Standard); $14.70 (SRL)
    • Concession — $14 (Singapore Resident); $16 (Standard); $11.20 (SRL)
    • Family — $50 (Singapore Residents); $58 (Standard)

For more information on Attack on Titan: The Exhibition, visit marinabaysands.com.