Everything from the LOEWE x Spirited Away collection launching 7 Jan!

The world of  Studio Ghibli has always our charming haven of respite — even more so during these uncertain times — so we totally understand why LOEWE is deep-diving into the Japanese animation house once again, for an inspired capsule collection that celebrates one of the studio’s most famous and heartwarming films, Spirited Away (2001).

The Hayao Miyazaki classic is an uplifting tale of discovery, friendship, and endurance in the midst of adversity, as we follow 10-year-old girl Chihiro as she enters a mystical spiritual realm and encounters characters such as the mysterious Haku, sorceress Yubaba, and Kaonashi, more popularly known as No-Face.

These, along with the Susuwatari, or soot sprites, are seen across ready-to-wear, blankets and scarves, small leather accessories and charms, as well as some of the Spanish luxury house’s signature leather and canvas bag silhouettes.

You’ll soon realise that this isn’t any 5-item capsule collection; the LOEWE x Spirited Away drop is extensive, and the house introduces several techniques such as jacquard, print, appliquè and patch, leather marquetry, and embroidery across ready-to-wear and accessories.

One of the boxy Amazona bag features  a movie-still print of Chihiro and Haku, while the origami-like shape of the Puzzle comes speckled with the playful soot sprites, which also feature as pompoms or tufty 3-D bags. The Hammock style has just the perfect easy structure for No-Face when done in an all-black design, while we also spot a woven bag that takes after the traditional lanterns in the film.

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Elsewhere, LOEWE also introduces pieces inspired by the classic Japanese technique of ‘boro’, where indigo-dyed scraps are pieced together in a patchwork pattern, which can now be found on both ready-to-wear and bags. For the former, t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, oversized jumpers and culottes all feature relaxed silhouettes that show off this surface treatment.

Many of these see scenes straight out of the movie as well, including the scene of Kaonashi waiting on the bridge, or one of him and our protagonist travelling by train. If you’ve always wanted to wear your heart on your sleeve — well, now you literally can.

Here’s everything from the collection, along with the prices!

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Loewe x Spirited Away, available 7 Jan 2022 at Loewe stores.