Hermès Spring/Summer 2022 Objets: A Colormatic Kelly Bag, And Other Equestrian-Inspired Accessories

Hermès has done it again, with yet another Spring/Summer 2022 collection that comes buoyant with good hope and optimism. Just like last year‘s vibrant colours brought out a deep-seated joy amidst trying times, this year’s series of exquisite accessories celebrate multiple facets of joy and lightness, from the happy contrasting tones of their Colormatic series, to summery hats and beach towels, as well as chunky sandals that convey the feeling of walking on air.

This is all done with French sophistication of course, as the fashion house breathes new life into their equestrian roots, referencing it time and time again in the most modern pieces. You’ll see what we mean.


We can’t help but admire the keen details behind the most coveted releases this season, starting with the Kelly, recognisable just by its iconic silhouette. What’s less familiar though are contrasting pockets and zippers, part of the Colormatic series that introduces fun colourblocking to existing designs, making for a quirky, yet practical vibe, since there’s now extra space to store cards and slim essentials.

Also interesting are the equestrian details present in, first, the Maximors, a cylindrical duffel bag of leather and metal, where its modernist top handle comes inspired by the equestrian bit; this is followed by the Steeple Bag, with a detailed leather handle that takes after a riding crop, and an accompanying minimalist charm in the form of a stirrup.

Elsewhere, the men’s Bolide Skate bag is certainly unusual. While all business and leather when viewed from the top, flip its bottom side up and you’ll notice its skateboard-like base, printed with a street art-inspired design from their silk scarf collection. Complement this fun take with a “fingerskate” charm, which functions like an actual one when detached from its strap.

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Fancy some Hermès earcuffs? Why yes, the fashion house is introducing these little numbers for the first time, in palladium-finish metal and paired with lizard, box and Epsom calfskin. Expect bright pops of yellow, blue, and green as well, shades that you’ll find across their other worn accessories, such as bracelets in lacquered wood or printed enamel. A sleek braided necklace combines leather and metalwork is peak sophistication, while we noticed how the fabric’s cut to look like horses’ hooves.

For shoes, variants of their coveted Oran sandals are a must, this time in purple-and-red or orange-and-teal colourways to match the spirit of the Colormatic series. We’ve also got strappy ones that go right up to the ankle, a chunky wedge heel number, puffy ones that introduce airy volume, and some paired with silk scarves as a tie-up between the silk and shoe metiers.

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It’s not a Hermès presentation without some silk scarves to run our (sanitised) fingers over, which we did in excess during the Spring/Summer 2022 preview. A few key ones to mention include a beach-inspired print by illustrator Ugo Bienvenu, who reenacts a carefree resort town teeming with amusing details and unusual characters, not unlike the ones you’ll find in Where’s Waldo. Another series by Jonathan Burton is a nod to social media, as it features an acrobat and her animal friends taking on a balancing act while committed to the ultimate selfie. 

We were also privy to hats in braided openwork designs, one of which contains the hidden detail of ‘light as a feather’ in French embroidered on the inner edge. Other fun pieces include folding fans in printed silk and pear wood, and a double tour Apple Watch band of voluminous leather links.

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