Female Self-Care Apps to Try with Your Apple Devices This International Women’s Day

With International Women’s Day coming up on 8 March, it’s time for us ladies to get in on some great self-care tips that can help us navigate the stress that come with our daily schedules. The best part about it is that the tips come in the form of useful apps that can be easily accessed through the digital devices that we use daily, such as the Apple iPhone or the Apple Watch.

Whether you’re the go-getting boss or a busy working mum, your Apple device has got you covered with fantastic native features and apps, including third-party apps, that can easily help keep track of your health and wellbeing right from your wrist.

Here’s a closer look at what’s available.

1. LumiHealth

Image courtesy of Apple/LumiHealth.

The made-for-Apple app LumiHealth is the ideal tool to use when you are looking to incorporate self-care into your existing daily routine. Packed with helpful features you can use like Mindfulness, Activity Coaching and Workout, Mental wellbeing tips and recommendations, and Close Your Rings, the app is designed to help you unlock personalised health and wellness challenges while getting rewarded daily with your healthy actions.

LumiHealth app is available for download through the App Store here.

2. Cycle Tracking

Image courtesy of Apple Singapore.

With all our busy schedules, it can be quite a challenge to accurately track our periods and symptoms. The Cycle Tracking feature encourages us to stay in touch with our menstrual cycles and any symptoms that we may experience during the time of the month, while helping us to track the information that would potentially help doctors make important diagnoses.

The Cycle Tracking feature is available on every iPhone globally in the Health app, as well as on the Apple Watch. 

3. BetterSleep

Image courtesy of BetterSleep.

It’s not unusual for some of us to still feel tired even though we had adequate hours of sleep. With BetterSleep, you will be able to better understand and improve your sleep quality using sleep tracking and content that has been specially curated to help you learn about the science behind your sleep needs, and discover your personal chronotype.

BetterSleep is available for download through the App Store here.

4. Wakeout! — Move and Smile

Image courtesy of Wakeout!.

Studies have shown that physical activity releases endorphins in that helps trigger a positive feeling in your body. Wakeout! is an app which features lots of amusing, easy-to-follow physical activities that allows you to get a kick out of the app’s various inventive ways to get your body moving throughout the day. 

Wakeout! — Move and Smile is available for download through the App Store here.

5. Blue Fever

Image courtesy of Blue Fever.

Started by a team of young women, Blue Fever pairs journaling with a supportive and anonymous in-app community to create an inclusive, judgement-free space for you to share your thoughts, experiences, fears and successes. Using writing prompts and elegant templates, you will not only be able to keep a personal digital diary but also add pages anonymously to group journals. 

Blue Fever is available for download through the App Store here.

6. Mindful Mamas

Image courtesy of Mindful Mamas.

As a mum, life can always get pretty busy. With the intention to help busy mums relax, Mindful Mamas is an app that offers mindfulness, meditation and self-care guidance in every category from postpartum support to sleep aid as tools to achieve mental wellness goals even during the most hectic of days.

Mindful Mamas is available for download through the App Store here.

7. Meditopia

Image courtesy of Meditopia.

Offering over 1000+ guided meditations on a wide variety of topics which includes self-confidence, compassion, gratitude and more, Meditopia helps you to create a sanctuary where you can build up resilience and a peace of mind anywhere, anytime.

Meditopia is available for download through the App Store here.

8. Glow

Image courtesy of Glow.

Glow helps you to track your monthly cycle with its ovulation calculator where you can learn more about your reproductive health to better understand what you’re experiencing. The app also empowers you with knowledge and dedicated resources about your cycle as well as additional support such as connecting you to other in the community with similar goals.

Glow is available for download through the App Store here.



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