The Polaroid GO Instant Camera now comes in Black, with new attachable filters and black frame film

The world’s smallest analog instant camera now comes in black. It’s the same thing as the original white version, but in a stylish black case that you can hang around your neck like an accessory, and it’ll just go with every outfit you own.

There’s also a new Black Frame edition film for the Polaroid GO, which comes in a pack of 16 pieces, with a glossy finish.

And if you want to expand your creativity (and you should!), check out the box of three coloured filters (red, blue and orange) that fit over the main lens and flash to give special photo effects. You’ll have so much fun with this.


POLAROID GO in black starter kit IS PRICED AT $228. THE double PACK black frame edition FILM and lens filter set is priced at $36 each. AVAILABLE on SHOPEE.