10 Value-For-Money Beauty Staples To Look Out For During Guardian’s Sale

If you and your wallet have been been missing last year’s 11.11 and 12.12 sales, we’ve got good news — Guardian is going big this April, with a sale where we get to enjoy up to 30% off across participating brands.

Part of their Stay Fabulous Together campaign, the health & beauty retailer is a household name, where they carry over 9,000 products across their physical stores and online. Beyond just being a pharmacy that offers dispensary services, it’s also known for being a one-stop shop for skincare, cosmetics, haircare, and health and household necessities. Guardian-exclusive brands include the famed Bioderma, John Frieda, and Aprilskin, for a start, as well as dermatologist-approved beauty brands such as Cetaphil and Medicube.

This promotion takes place from 31 March to 27 April 2022, and offers up to 30% savings across participating brands.

If you’re curious about what you can cart out, both online and offline, here’s a list of health & beauty items to look out for — everything from Vitamin-C infused skincare to probiotics capsules — along with the skincare / beauty woe we’re recommending them for. Look out for our beauty pro tips too!


1. CONCERN: Clogged and enlarged pores
RECOMMENDED: Biore Facial Cleansing Massage Gel Smooth, 150g

NOW: $10.90 | U.P.: $12.90 (save 15% ; Guardian-exclusive)

Clogged or enlarged pores are a top concern for most Singaporeans, no thanks to our humid weather, so we ought to be looking for something that’s gentle on the skin while still deep-cleansing enough to refine the appearance of enlarged pores. Biore’s formula deals with clogged pores, also known as keratin plugs, and prevents blackheads, via a non-foaming gel cleanser that’s great for oily or combination skin.

PRO TIP: Use this when you’re taking a hot shower, which is when your pores are more ‘open, making it easier to wash away any built-up impurities.

2. CONCERN: Removing makeup without irritating the skin
RECOMMENDED: Garnier Micellar Water with Vitamin C, 400ml

NOW: $17.75 | U.P.: $20.90 (save 15%)

You’re concerned about removing makeup thoroughly, without further irritating the skin. We feel you. Enter: micellar water. Those who love their micellar water will appreciate the added benefits in Garnier’s latest product. For the first time, they’ve combined their Micellar Technology with Vitamin C, so while the micelles go to work removing impurities, a stable form of Vit C reveals brighter skin over time. The formula has been dermatologically-tested for sensitive skin, and contains no essential oils, added fragrance, or alcohol.

PRO TIP: Micelles work like ‘magnets’ that draw away and effectively remove everything including makeup, dirt, impurities, and even pollution particles. 

3. CONCERN: Pigmentation and an uneven skin tone
RECOMMENDED: Liftactiv VC15 Radiance Booster Serum, 20ml

NOW: $48.75 | U.P.: $65 (save 25%)

We’ve raved about Vichy’s Vitamin C products before, and are about to do it again. The brand’s known for their Vitamin C serums, and this treatment essence is a formidable one containing 15% Pure Vitamin C and natural-origin Hyaluronic Acid, so our skin will look brighter while feeling smooth and plump. Don’t just take our word for it — the Liftactiv VC15 Radiance Booster Serum is clinically proven to achieve those stellar effects of firm, glowing skin with lesser fine lines, in just 10 days. Worth a try if you’re saving money while at it.

PRO TIP: Vitamin C serums are best used in the morning when UV radiation is at its highest — though do remember to put on your sunscreen since it’s a photosensitive ingredient.  

4. CONCERN: Premature skin ageing
RECOMMENDED: Sekkisei Clear Wellness UV Defense Milk, 50ml

NOW: $28.80 | U.P.: $32 (save 10%)

We all know this — prevention is better than cure, which is why a sunscreen is vital if you’re looking to protect against signs of ageing. There’s no better time to stock up then, especially knowing that a brand as premium as Japanese beauty brand Sekkisei will be on offer. This particular sunscreen is of a milky texture that blends right into the skin, leaving a velvety-soft touch. And at SPF 50+ / PA ++++, you’re getting the maximum, necessary amount of sun protection that also protects against dryness and airborne particles, in order to prevent UV damage, premature skin ageing, and dark spots.

PRO TIP: With our urban environment, it’s important to look for an all-rounded sunscreen that not only has a high SPF and PA rating, but also protects against pollution particles. 


5. CONCERN: Mascara that easily flakes and smudges
RECOMMENDED: L’Oreal Paris Lash Paradise – Limited Edition

NOW: $19.45 | U.P.: $22.90 (save 15%)

Advocates of drugstore makeup cannot leave out L’Oreal and their superior mascaras — and the Lash Paradise is as iconic as they come. Dressed in a limited-edition design of pink hearts on a sultry black base, the formula is known for creating feathery volume and intense length all at once, with a wand filled with soft, waxy bristles that coats every lash with formula. Best part is, zero mess after, that is, no flaking, smudging or clumping even hours after you’re out of the house.

PRO TIP: For even more thickness and volume, try applying mascara to both sides of your lashes. Do your eye makeup before foundation so you can clean up any fallout. 


6. CONCERN: Hair colour that’s fading way too fast
RECOMMENDED: John Frieda Vibrant Shine Shampoo, 250ml

NOW: $15.90 (Guardian-exclusive)

Got coloured hair? Then you’ll know the woes of your perfect post-salon moment literally going down the drain. Instead of having vibrant purples or cool ash-browns fade after just two washes though, switching to John Frieda’s Vibrant Shine Shampoo might do the trick. A formula of lightweight Rose Hip Oil and a proprietary Shine Enhancing Complex gently cleanses hair while adding shine and preserving colour at the same time, perfect for colour-treated hair.

PRO TIP: When in the shower, avoid hot water and opt for lukewarm or cool water instead to further preserve vibrant colours. 

7. CONCERN: Dull, lacklustre hair
RECOMMENDED: Kusabana Moist & Shine Shampoo​, 490ml

NOW: $13.50 (Guardian-exclusive)

Japanese haircare brand Kusabana looks to the natural world for inspiration, which is why every range of theirs infuses a blend of six botanical essences with mineral-rich hot spring water, which is extra beneficial for scalp health. For the Moist & Shine range, there’s Japanese Camellia Oil for soft and hydrated hair, as well as a Nourish Lock Complex to give the hair and scalp the nutrients it needs. Along with that, the formula contains 90% natural-derived ingredients and is free from silicones, parabens, colorant, SLS, SLES, MIT, CMIT, mineral oils, while still providing a full, rich lather.

PRO TIP: Post-shower care is just as vital for good hair, so lock in all the nutrients with a hair oil, especially if your hair needs deep nourishment and repair. 


8. CONCERN: Gut health and support for your digestive system
RECOMMENDED: Guardian Probiotics Daily Health, 30s

NOW: $22.40 | U.P.: $28 (save 20% ; Guardian-exclusive)

Probiotics have been a hot topic in skincare lately, but we’re going back to where it’s always been a talking point — gut health. A daily dose of probiotics helps strengthen the gastrointestinal microbiome, and promotes healthy digestion and immunity. Guardian’s brand name product is naturally-derived and has a proven potency of 10 billion active & live cultures in each capsule.

PRO TIP: Don’t just limit probiotics to your daily intake, try looking out for probiotics in your skincare too. What the good bacteria does is create a healthy skin microbiome, which often leads to calm skin and fewer breakouts. 

9. CONCERN: An all-rounded supplement to add to your regime
RECOMMENDED: Blackmores Ultra Refined Black Seed Oil, 60s

NOW: $40.60 | U.P.: $58 (save 30%)

This household name should already be known to you if you’re into health and supplements, though we recognise the Australian brand more for its range of multivitamins and Vitamin C-infused immunity boosters. And if you’re wondering how the Ultra Refined Black Seed Oil can help your body, know that it’s traditionally used to relieve cough and colds, relieve inflammation, and also aid digestion. The antioxidant-rich, 100% plant-based oil is available in capsule form, and is said to help build immunity against modern-day diseases.

PRO TIP: Black seed oil is said to alleviate certain skin conditions as well, including acne, due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, along with contributing to overall hair health since it is rich in antioxidants. 

10. CONCERN: More protection against UV damage
RECOMMENDED: Superfood Lab SuperWHITE C+, 30s

NOW: $75.50 | U.P.: $83.90 (save 10%)

Touted as ‘drinkable sunscreen’, Superfood Lab’s SuperWHITE C+ arrives in individual sachets, and helps to disrupt melanin formation in order to lighten dark spots and improve complexion. A highly-potent Vitamin C is present in the Australian-made formula to protect skin against the harmful effects of UV exposure, via the Acerola Cherry, a superfruit that contains around 30 times more potent Vitamin C than lemon, and Orange, known for being rich in Vit C and an essential antioxidant too. Other ingredients such as Glutathione and Hyaluronic Acid help to further improve the skin.

PRO TIP: Edible sunscreen may be an up-and-coming product in the beauty world, which usually warrants some concern, but it’s usually safe, and consists of antioxidant-rich ingredients that protect against UV damage. Most importantly, it’s only meant to support UV protection, so don’t skimp on the sunscreen while at it!


All items, available at Guardian stores and online.
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