Dior 8 — The New Dior Beauty IT Shade As Seen On Jisoo, Rebecca Lim, Iman Fandi & 8 Other Local Personalities

Who else here has been embracing more lipsticks now that outdoor mask-wearing is optional? We’re definitely paying more attention to our lips now — and beyond just nude, matte colours too. Welcome shiny, luscious textures and powerful reds that we’re proud to flaunt without the fuss. If you’re thinking of doing the same, 2022’s version of the Dior Addict lipstick should be right up your alley.

Known for its divine shine, Dior Beauty’s coveted item has just undergone a revamp, with a new lip-caring formula and new look. You can read more about that in our full article here. What we — and the Internet — are truly excited to talk about, are two things: one, how the now-refillable lipstick arrives in the most luxurious couture-inspired cases; and two, the undeniable Dior 8, a brick-red that looks romantic, powerful, and trendy, all at once, especially on house ambassador and BLACKPINK star, Jisoo.

To take it even further, Dior Beauty has worked together with photographer Joel Low for a series of images featuring 10 local celebrities and personalities, with all of them wearing the stunning Dior 8.  See all of the looks ahead!


First things first, we’ve got to get acquainted with the lipstick itself. The Dior Addict features a breakthrough formula that delivers on 24-hour hydration, 6 hours of wear, and mirror-like shine, ideal if you’re going for the look of full, healthy lips.

Just like we would our prized leather bags, Dior Beauty allows us to switch up our lipstick cases according to our OOTDs too. Our favourite thing about the Dior Addict — and just, life in general — would have to be, options. Lots of exquisite ones too.

As you can see, the Dior Addict is accompanied by 4 lipstick cases designed just like fashion accessories. You’ll first receive the contemporary black lacquered case, with a Dior oblique logo, when you purchase the lipstick, while the other three cases can be purchased separately.

There’s an Indigo Denim that mimics the textured effect of raw denim, a sleek Metallic Silver that’s as futuristic as they come, and a luxe Pink Cannage that pays tribute to the house’s signature topstitch detail, one that’s featured across Dior’s leather bags, including the precious Lady Dior.


left to right: 100 Nude Look, 720 Icône, dior 8, 525 Chérie.

Of the 40 shades in the catalogue, four of these are touted to be the new It-shades of the season: the Dior 8, 100 Nude Look, 720 Icône and 525 Chérie.

Instead of a full-on classic red, you’ll notice that they incorporate more nude and rose tones, flattering shades that aren’t as intimidating as a pure red. 100 Nude Look is a soft, classic beige shade, while 525 Chérie happens to be a luminous rose, named after the women of 30 Avenue Montaigne; 720 Icône is a beautiful intense rosewood that brings colour to the complexion.

As for Dior 8, this signature shade’s named after the lucky number of the House and Dior Couture, and is a flattering brick-red created by blending the perfect amount of red and brown pigments. “This shade is sophisticated and accessible at the same time,” says Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, which nicely sums up our sentiments.


above: rebecca lim, iman fandi.

And finally, check out the Dior 8 on some of our favourite local personalities! Dressed up or dressed down, it’s certainly a flattering warm red that’s our current go-to pick — we’re pretty sure Rebecca Lim, Fiona Fussi and Chantelle Ng are thinking the same too.

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Photos, by Joel Low for Dior Beauty.


The new Dior Addict lipstick, $58, in 35 shades. The three Couture Cases (Metallic Silver, Indigo Denim, Pink Cannage) are priced at $43, while the lipstick refills are priced at $47.

Available on the Dior Beauty Online Boutique, and at all Dior Beauty boutiques and counters.