Earth Day & Beyond: A Guide To Making More Sustainable Choices In Your Daily Life

You may be reading this on Earth Day, or Earth Month in April, but truly, the spirit of going green ought to carry on for the rest of the 364 days in a year. To help, here’s a list of our must-read roundups and features, so we can live more sustainably while caring for our planet, one baby step at a time.

1. Refillable Beauty Products

What it’s about: Beauty brands with makeup, skincare, and haircare products that allow us to refill the original container, without compromising on the quality of the product, and thus minimising waste. Read more here.

2. Sustainable Activewear Brands & Sneakers

What it’s about: Complete your sweat sesh in style, comfort, and now peace of mind, with these eco-friendly activewear brands. We’ve got sports bras, leggings, and bike shorts made with recycled fabrics, as well as comfortable knit sneakers that use algae instead of EVA in their midsoles. Read more here.

3. Eco-Friendly Feminine Care Products

What it’s about: Instead of single-use products that end up in a landfill, the pads, tampons, mentrual cups and period panties on our list are environmentally sustainable alternatives that not only keep you comfortable during your menstrual cycle, but also help to reduce our carbon footprint. Try these during your next time of the month! Read more here.

4. Sustainable Shampoos & Eco-Friendly Haircare Lines

What it’s about: Haircare brands that are making great strides in the name of green, clean beauty, whether we’re talking about vegan formulas and ethical ingredient sourcing, or opting for plastic-free — or in some cases, zero — packaging when it comes to housing their precious formulas. We look at good-for-you shampoo bars, powder shampoos, and more. Read more here.

5. Digital Apps For A More Eco-Conscious Lifestyle

What it’s about: In addition to the physical ways we can help to protect our environment, there are also various apps available for us, to make it easier to live more responsibly — these include a rewards app that honours and encourages our green habits, as well as platforms that minimise food waste and help us upcycle old items or recyclables. Read more here.