Lazy Oaf Updates Their Lifestyle Collection With Even More Items For The Home

You either know about Lazy Oaf — and love them — or you’ve just never heard of the brand. There’s no in between. The quirky British design-led label was founded by Gemma Shiel in 2001, from humble beginnings as a stall in East London to the stylised, independent establishment it is now.

Since those early days, Lazy Oaf has gone on to attract dizzying affection from, well, hipsters and creatives alike, and are all about trend-less wear before forsaking trends became cool. Their attire often mixes up youthful streetwear with heavy doses of nostalgia, particularly referencing the 90s and 00s for fun-loving outfits — so, of course, their lifestyle series follows suit too.

From sold-out throws and blankets to tea towels, cushions, and drinkware, you can say that Lazy Oaf’s series of home items are made for oafing around. Love being a homebody and spending weekends lounging around the house? They’ve got you. These don’t really elevate; rather, many of them come with prints, cute characters, and smiley faces — especially those signature happy sad faces — where these little touches instantly lift the mood of a space.

And while we’re still refreshing the website every so often, in case the Checkerboard Happy Sad Blanket ever comes back in stock, you’re free to add all these other eccentric homeware to your cart.

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Lazy Oaf lifestyle, available online at lifestyle series.