Review: The Colgate Electric Toothbrush Is A Highly-Personalised Smart Device With 33 Custom Combinations

The case for electric toothbrushes gets stronger and stronger each time a new model enters the market — and frankly, we’re here for it. After all, they are able to clean teeth and gums far more effectively than manual ones, and are superior in removing plaque, thus leading to healthy teeth and a better-looking smile. As you can already tell, upgrading to an electric toothbrush is an absolute necessity for us, and that’s even before we got to try the latest tech from trusted oral care brand Colgate.

The new Colgate Electric Toothbrush Gum Care aims to make a name for itself as one of the smarter devices in the market. For one, we all know that electric toothbrushes come with various speeds, vibrations and modes, where the toothbrush bristles make small micro-movements to help remove and prevent plaque build-up.

Colgate’s new launch stands out simply because the device is so highly-customisable that it comes with 33 custom combinations. Many people are often worried that electric toothbrushes may be too harsh for them. This brush addresses those concerns, where you’re free to pick the right combination of factors to suit your brushing needs.

For a simplified and intuitive process, the toothbrush comes with four modes that you can easily toggle through and programme accordingly. These are: Squeaky Clean, Sparkle and Gum Care, which offer 10 vibration intensities, as well as a Night Spa mode with 3 vibration intensities.

As you can see in the above video, you can scroll across the various modes by hitting the circular power button in the middle; the icons for each mode will then light up accordingly. For further customisation, you may use the up & down arrows on the front of the brush to control the intensity of the vibrations, with the gentlest being Level 1 and strongest Level 10 for the first three modes, and Levels 1 – 3 for the Night Spa mode. All these lead to a total of 33 custom combinations.

  • Squeaky Clean: combination of high-intensity and speed to provide a daily clean
  • Sparkle: high-intensity vibrations in combination with a pulsing action
  • Gum Care: low-intensity vibrations to gently clean teeth and gums
  • Night Spa: combines the other modes for a unique cleaning sensation

On top of that, there are other key functions that help make the switch to electric toothbrushes a whole lot easier. One, the device comes equipped with a Smart Pressure Sensor, which responds with a red indicator should it sense that you’re brushing too hard; this helps to alleviate some of the over-brushing worries we may have when brushing with a manual toothbrush.

Secondly, it can help cultivate good habits too. A built-in timer notifies you at each 30-second mark, so you know when to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth, for a good 2 – 3 minutes routine that you know you’ll be getting every day.

Here’s a summary of what you need to know about the Colgate Electric Toothbrush, along with some extra features:

  • 33 combinations, 4 modes, and 10 intensities, all in one electric toothbrush
  • Smart Pressure Sensor — detects if you’re brushing too hard
  • Ergonomic design and portable — has a lean, stylish body, and comes with a chic travel pouch that lets you stow it away hygienically
  • IPX7 Waterproof — which means you can use it in the shower
  • Rechargeable — each charge lasts up to 15 days


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“I’ve reviewed many electric toothbrushes in my line of work as an Editor, and this one by Colgate has to be my favourite. It’s a superior toothbrush in so many ways — it does a thorough job of cleaning my teeth, but yet, it’s surprisingly gentle on both teeth and gums. The bristles are just the right level of firmness and don’t feel pokey at all, which to me is very important in choosing a toothbrush. There’s also a convenient vibration control, which has 10 levels, so the intensity can be adjusted based on my preference.

It’s been a week since I’ve replaced my usual toothbrush with this electric one, and my teeth feel much cleaner. Colgate has done something right with this product; they’ve kept the controls and modes for this toothbrush simple and intuitive, and they’ve created a very effective product that performs well and up to its claims. It also looks and feels like a premium device — and it is, even though it’s priced markedly lower than other premium electric toothbrushes. I highly recommend switching to this; like me, you won’t have any regrets.”

— Adele Chan, Editor-in-Chief

“It’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve made the switch to electric toothbrushes, and I’ve never looked back since. They’re so much more effective to clean teeth, with minimal effort and fuss, and have actually cultivated a good habit of at least 2 minutes of brushing each time — and that’s one thing I like about Colgate’s new Electric Toothbrush, that it signals me accordingly when it’s time to move on to another section of my teeth, while the device automatically switches off after two minutes, which seems more brisk than usual.

Another thing that got me from the get-go was how intuitive everything was — I just needed to attach one of two brush head refills onto the top of the device, and switch it on with the power button. It worked straight out of the box! There was barely any need to read the instruction manual too since the modes were easily identifiable by the indicator lights and helpful symbols, while I managed to figure out that each mode’s intensities could be customised by the up & down button too; it’s basically as intuitive as an Apple TV remote, which, as a person who doesn’t read the instructions, was a joy to behold.

And while we can talk all day about smart technology that’ll only get better over time, it’s the feel of the electric toothbrush that I was pleasantly surprised by. When they said it’s ‘ergonomic’, I really felt the difference. The small brush head made it easy to reach remote and, perhaps, under-brushed areas of the mouth, especially the back of the teeth, while this was paired with a long, sleek and sturdy handle that fit well in my hand, giving the toothbrush a nice weight and counterbalance so that it never felt cumbersome or awkwardly-positioned.

The brush bristles felt really soft when touching them with my fingers, but firm against my teeth so that they’re able to effectively clean stains and plaque. And yet, for someone with sensitive gums, they weren’t too intense either, even when I was not using the Gum Care (lowest intensity) mode. That this electric toothbrush combines power cleaning with a gentle, intuitive approach is why it comes highly recommended.”

— Amelia Tan, Deputy Editor


COLGATE electric toothbrush gum care, $299.90. AVAILABLE AT SHOPEE and LAZADA.