The Louis Vuitton Bubblegram Is A Fun Collection Of Puffy Quilted Bags

Remember when we said padded, pillowy bags were in vogue? That was 2019, in the early days of Bottega’s Padded Cassette, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay, according to this fun collection. Louis Vuitton presents Bubblegram, a quirky and youthful line of bags that go big on round, bubble-like curves, and their iconic monogram done in soft, pillowy styles we just want to hug.

If the campaign images are anything to go by, this one looks to be a collection targeted at Gen Zs and the Tik Tok generation. No shade here. After all, the social media platform has been dictating today’s trends for quite a while now, and we can see how a 2000s-era puffy baguette bag would absolutely take off.

LV is banking on four models for the Bubblegram bag series — Over The Moon, a crescent design; Papillon, a sporty-looking duffel bag shape; their signature art deco-inspired Alma BB; and a compact Wallet on Strap. These are available in vibrant shades of Ice Blue, Dragon Fruit, Banana, Snow and Black.

And since we’re paying a pretty penny for Louis Vuitton, we do expect fine craftsmanship as well. Rest assured, Louis Vuitton ateliers have used brand new design techniques for these designs in order to create that supple, bouncy quilted effect, where the Monogram is embroidered on shiny calfskin leather.

In fact, more than 15,000 stitches are needed to embroider the Alma BB bag. Each style is also hand-finished, especially since the seams require precise positioning.

The fashion house has also given us plenty of ways to wear the Bubblegram bags. A chain strap has been added to the Over the Moon and Papillon models, along with a nylon shoulder strap, for versatility either over the shoulder or on the wrist.

You may opt to carry the Alma BB by its rolled-leather top handles, a design detail made to complement the puffy leather aesthetic, or equip it with the crossbody strap if you’re going hands-free.

See the bags here:

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Louis Vuitton Bubblegram, available at Louis Vuitton boutiques and online.